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Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Deranged Propagandist"

That's what Andrew Sullivan calls me because I pointed out facts which contradict his narrative of Sarah Palin.

Funny thing about facts, Andy.  Name calling can't change them.

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  1. Why are you reading Andrew Sullivan? And even more, why are you paying attention? Don't feed the troll.

  2. Obsessive compulsives get kinda ... OBSESSED about their particular fixation. They don't like their 'territory' being infringed. (particularly if it shines a light on their obsession as being ... um, SICK, disturbed and based in fantasy or as liberal apologists like to say 'divergent from the facts'.)

    I would think that with Andrew's sexual orientation, he would be more interested in Rep. Weiner and HIS problems. But then maybe it's a POLITICAL THING.

    Andrew Sullivan: Doing the CONCERN TROLLING that the Republicans just won't do.

    He's proven what he's about and his opinion isn't worth the paper it's printed on. OH, WAIT.

  3. For Sullivan, the Narrative always trumps mere facts.

  4. Mr. Sullivan is obviously confused as to the meaning of the word "Deranged."

    "Deranged" would not apply to someone calmly stating facts about a particular situation.

    Instead, "Deranged" would refer to someone who maniacally insists without any proof that Trig Palin is Bristol Palin's son, not Sarah's. Now that's "Deranged."

  5. Projection...what liberals do best.

  6. Professor, you can wear any Sullivan ascribed appellations with pride. Faint praise from him like that, in particular, is well-earned - no matter who you end up supporting in 2012.

  7. For what's it worth, professor, you are my favorite deranged propagandist. I aspire to the title, myself.

  8. Sullivan is an enemy of anything truthful. Even when I was a "lefty" I stopped reading him.

    Ignore him.

  9. Dear Professor Jacobson,

    Thank you for expressing such an interest in my research. Yes, your results are a perfect example of the conditioned reflex. However, I feel I must warn you that I find the severity of the reflex in your studies to be quite disturbing. I am embarrassed to admit I am not familiar with the two people of whom you speak, so I am not exactly quite sure what you mean when you ask me if the reflex could become dangerous if you were to take your research to the next level "by somehow finding and posting a video of Ms. Palin commenting boldly about Weinergate in a way that might be construed as a blooper by the left."

    I've been a bit out of the scientific loop recently, but I wish you luck in achieving your hypothesized result of reaching one million comments on your blog within a 24-hour span of time. I assume a blog is what they are calling man's best friend these days.

    In closing, do promise me you will always wear a spittle shield.

    Best regards,

    Dr. Pavlov

    From a great figure of the past to one in the future. Lefties beware. I am raising my little girl to be Pro-America, Pro-capitalism, Pro-Israel, Pro-limited government, etc. So, in the future when she takes Hollywood by storm, like Sarah Palin, she won't need the lamestream media to speak to the American people

  10. Andrew Sullivan is pathetic. I went to the link at least expecting an article and all he provided were two links instead of expressing his own opinion to back up his "strong-worded" statements.

    Keep up the great work here. The fact that they feel the need to challenge what you're saying shows you're doing everything right.

  11. Perhaps AS should read “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” to understand how his raging case of “Palin Derangement Syndrome” will one day devour and deform every remaining shred of any humanity he may ever have had, and reveal the grotesque subhuman he has become inside. Each time AS knowingly perpetuates another falsehood about Sarah Palin (as he is doing by deliberately twisting her historically accurate statement re Paul Revere), he’s selling a bit more of his soul to the leftist propaganda machine devil. AS’s humanity thus continues to degenerate with each such willfully evil act (trying in vain to assassinate Palin’s character), until one day the reflection staring back at AS in his mirror will be the hideous, sexist, misogynstic “deranged propagandist” monster he is inside, which he has continued to try to hide behind the requisite (but abjectly passé) PC-pristine leftist liberal image.

  12. Hmmm ... testing the link I posted above of the 15-second video of our comedic-chops daughter bugging her brother ... it started to pause every few seconds. It paused at one point where it appeared our son was flipping his sister the bird. I will now study it like the Zapruder film to see if I do indeed have the evidence to punish our son.

    By the way lefties, I'm raising our son the same way ... Pro-everything you think is wrong with the world. And I'm not done breeding like a rabbit.

    My wife sighs and tells me I'm too much at times. (My cue to redouble my efforts.) She laments that (supposedly because of me), our son wants to grow up to become a soldier so he can "protect America."

    I find it touching. But he'll be in the brig for life if I can freeze that video at that moment again.

  13. As opposed to the MSM 'Deranged Propagandists' defending Obama's Visit to 57 States?

  14. Could something metaphysical be happening within the fevered brows of the Beltway Insider class i.e. Sully, Matthews, Krauthammer, etc. This week has certainly been an eye opener as they've had a glimpse of real change in their place in the world, Sarah Palin has risen from the dead, casually disemboweled Mitt's launch, dumped the Media, the GOP and is breathing fire into her supporters all in a few days of exposure to the general population. As I said before, SP is operating inside the OODA Loop of the conventional minds that oppose her....Sarah and Piper are a formidable counterinsurgency. It is a beautiful thing to watch SP showing these PoliPros that they are losing control of the staging process for the top chair will be determined via a new process. All I can think to say is "LET'S ROLL!

  15. Did Sullivan also call you a balding English homosexual?

  16. Yep Sullivan tore up your points one by one.

    When someone posts so little and the most emphasis is on their name calling you know they have very little.

  17. Ha!

    Remember E.D. Kain is the guy who tried to get me fired. He contacted my college to complain about me calling him out for his dishonesty, and when he got called out for that he pleaded Christian ethics. Blah, blah ... E.D. Kain: Dishonest hack. Andrew Sullivan: Ditto.

  18. I am delighted your influence is such that Sullivan or whatever his name is really is pushed to swing at you. When Jen Rubin feels likewise driven, I will be in ecstasy.

    @Stray Yellar Dawg - Are you a University of Washington alum or student? And regardless of that, your homily for the day is as follows:

    One's life is of a piece. There is not a past we have left. There cannot be. What we were we are and always will be. A so-called "present" never is. To a limited but important extent, we have power, freedom and meaning to create a future (not the future, a future). However, fundamentally, "we are each as God made us -- and some a lot worse."