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Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Pallywood

This photo of an Israeli soldier standing on a young Palestinian girl is making the rounds on the internet and evoking enormous anti-Israel vitriol:

As Israel Matzav points out, however, the photo is not what it seems:
There's one small problem - the photo is a fake.

The uniform is not an IDF uniform, the boots aren't IDF boots and the weapon is a Russian issue AK-47 - the IDF uses American-made M-16's.

But why let facts get in the way?
Indeed.  For more on Pallywood, the decades-long Palestinian effort to fake anti-Israeli images and news which then become accepted as fact, see my prior posts:
Expect Pallywood to move into high production as we approach the September U.N. General Assembly session.

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  1. Looks rather like unwitting truth in advertising to me... poorly supplied, undisciplined irregulars of the Pallywood variety ready to crush anyone who is not in line.

    Certainly "Palestinians" would recognize the gear and "uniform." It's so cheesy, I wonder if it wan't a prank set in Dearborn.

  2. If this photo was even taking it Palestine, the obvious conclusion is that the man holding down the child is a part of the 'Palestinian Security Forces'

    Compare that photos to these pictures:

  3. The person on the ground is too relaxed to be afraid. If you are being stepped on your hands won't be relaxed and close together like that unless they are wrappednaround the foot or boot of the person doing the stepping. Moreover, your legs won't be so neatly together. The position of the foot and the hands all say LIE. An army that notifies people that they're going to bomb terrorists is not an army that is going to step pason a child's stomach..

  4. Bollywood on Pallywood.

    LukeHandCool (who believes the saying at Reuters et al is: "Fool me dozens of times ... shame on ... no, not me ... shame on the Jews!!")

  5. "...the decades-long Palestinian effort to fake [the] news"

    They are successful only because liberals WANT to believe them.

  6. The seething Judenhaas in the Facebook comments is far more interesting than the poorly faked photo.

  7. Dan Rather would be proud.

  8. Clearly you haven't spent much time at Huffington Post. The level of Israeli hatred, anti-Semitism, and dishonesty (sorry for repeating myself) is completely off the charts. I am almost afraid to go over there to see the discussion, if any, on this photo.

  9. Why let the truth get in the way of bashing the only free nation and real U.S. ally in that whole region.

  10. If a soldier ever stepped on a child like that the child would not have her eyes closed but would be in full mouth scream. And where is the follow up photos of this pfakery? One can also see numerous people's legs and feet in sandals in the background, but no other "IDF" soldiers nearby. Would an IDF soldier venture into a hostile crowd, and step on a child without there being sufficient backup? (He would never do that anyway, but just as a logical exercise the photo is pure hackery). And why would the soldier avoid stepping on the arabic sign on the girl's abdomen? Because it would obscure the message?