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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weiner Conspiracy Theory Morphs From Hacking To Blackmail

Joseph Cannon was one of the first and most vocal to claim that Andrew Breitbart either directly or through others had set up Anthony Weiner by hacking and/or spoofing the original tweet last Friday night which set off the firestorm.

Cannon's theory of how Weiner was framed was widely cited in the case made against Breitbart in the left-blogosphere.

Yesterday Weiner stated unequivocally that he sent the tweet.

Cannon now has shifted gears, and is claiming that Weiner is being implicitly blackmailed into lying by Breitbart because Breitbart has an X-Rated photo of Weiner:
Breitbart's own words this day constitute an implied threat. He has said that he possesses an extremely explicit photo which he would prefer not to show. That as-yet unseen photo constitutes a Sword of Damocles (no pun intended). Perhaps without realizing the implications, Breitbart has today made statements which place him perilously close to the "Charles Augustus Milverton" [link added] category.

If I were Weiner, I would have said exactly what he said today, even if I had not sent the picture on the 27th.
Diagnosis:  Breitbart Derangement Syndrome.

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  1. It would appear that BDS comes in a variety of options!

    Breitbart made it clear in his mini-presser that he was doing what he was doing because he was being attacked, that leftists do this in the face of FACTS, a tight, hole-proof story, without reason; and they won't quit until someone has a hold on them - whether that person sought to have that hold or not. He wanted his name to be cleared, to receive an apology. He wanted to be vindicated.

    He also stated he does NOT want to publish this, that he only has it because someone came to HIM with it.

    Weiner is the one who brought this all on himself.

    Cannon is using typical leftist Alinsky tactics to stand up for this delusional, pathological liar. No surprise.

    BDS is alive and well among the left.

  2. Their derangement may take different forms -- Bush DS, Palin DS and now Breibart DS -- but the fact is the left is deranged. Period.

  3. Um, isn't he simply saying that Weiner is total scum not only because there is something worse than what he's confessed to (that Breitbart is supposedly hanging over his head) but also that he's a weak little weasel who will publicly confess to "crimes" he did not commit to hide the darker truth? What a convoluted mess. Definitely Breitbart Derangement Syndrome.

  4. People who love their wives don't do this sort of thing. People who are honorable and act with integrity aren't potential blackmail victims. I try not to do things which I'm going to need to discuss in Confession later.

    There is a Bible verse about what is done in secret will be made known in public. Considering how everything we do can be tracked on the Internet, that day is really near. Once again, the lesson is don't do what you don't want to apologize for. Weiner is crying because he is being forced to apologize, he isn't sorry. And yes, there are worse things to come.

  5. And Breitbart has an x-rated photo of Weiner how?

    Who took this photo and when?

    Seems like Mr. Cannon is trying out for some position with the Lamestream Media's Democrat Kissing Squad somewhere.

    It can't possibly be just what it is cause that would be to surrender their self-righteous inspired high ground and make for less impact when they cast stones at Republican miscreants.

  6. What is the logic here, Cannon?

    If Breibart was blackmailing Weiner because of a X rated photo, why wouldn't he demand Weiner's resignation instead of just getting the admission that he was lying with no consequence?

    Nothing came out of that admittance; Weiner still sits in Congress.

    Whatever credibility Cannon had just went down the same toilet as Weiner's.

    Nothing that a Democrat does is an offence. You can lie, cheat, steal or not pay your taxes and you can still sit in Congress if you sit on the Democrat side. They have no shame.

    I hope that some Democrats see the shameless conduct that is tolerated in their party and do something about it.

  7. Actually, Anthony Weiner Sexted From His Congressional Office--And Had Phone Sex, Too

    Business Insider

  8. @Fuzzy Slippers June 7, 2011 9:52 AM |

    Precisely. The fact is that, if correct, Cannonfire has just made out a rather convincing case for the impeachment and removal from office of Congressman Weiner.

    If Weiner has this easily crumbled and violated his oath of office by falsely and publicly confessing to posting the "bulging underwear photo" and essentially to being a cyber-stalker of a series of young women, just imagine how extremely vulnerable he continues to be!

    Why, he can be completely controlled by those who forced him to take those humiliating public positions! Cannonfire should be demanding, among other things, that Weiner be forced to resign from Congress immediately.

    In fact, maybe Cannonfire will next suggest that the obvious reason Weiner is refusing to resign is that Breitbart told him not to, and that Andrew will now be exploiting the "hold" he has over Weiner, by inducing him to take public positions that Weiner would never ordinarily take, and cast Congressional votes that he would ordinarily never cast!

    Yes! That's it. It's ALL just a big huge conspiracy, I tell you! It is so clear to me now!


  9. Ummm.....How can a dicpic be used for blackmail when we know about it's existence from the mouth of Breitbart himself? If you're going to blackmail someone, you don't announce the leverage at a press conference that you've hacked. BDS indeed.

  10. Someone should have told Weiner to shut his mouth. My problem is not with how creepy he is (Yes, he is creepy). It is how easily he lied and lied again to cover up his shortcomings. I am also dismayed at the extent some in the media go to cover up for him (cough cough Canon).

    Nancy, keep draining the swamp, there are too many alligators in Washington.

  11. Who are we to stop Cannonfire? When your enemy is digging, step back and let them dig!

  12. @Van Halen . . . I honestly don't think any of us are going to stop him with facts, or logic. Hell, even Anthony Weiner couldn't stop him, even by confessing . . . thus laying waste to the Cannonfire theory.

    Denial is a strong motivator! He'll continue to saw furiously at that limb he is sitting on.

    Rather than just crawling away, he apparently felt had to modify his crack-pot theory with an even more risible supposition, or immediately go down in internet history as one of the prime dupes of all time.

    Mind you, he will still go down as one of the biggest cyber-fools ever, but questioning his theory at this point will likely only provoke him into adding fodder, which will help to fix that reputation of his as a dud for good.

  13. What these fools don't get - and why this is more than just a personal matter between Weiner and his wife - is if Breitbart is capable of 'blackmailing' Weiner, what's to stop a real enemy of our country from doing the same to Weiner or some other elected official when they put themselves out there like this?

    Weiner is compromised. Why the Left refuses to acknowledge or understand this is beyond me.

  14. In the words of the immortal Richard Pryor: Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?

    Demented, indeed.