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Friday, June 10, 2011

Commence Operation Counterweight

Why do I have this feeling that the back-stabbing and petty politics of the Republican insiders are going to leave me completely unexcited about the presidential campaign, and more focused on electing conservatives to Congress as a counterweight to the (hoped for) new Republican President?

Fight for the Republican nominee we want and the defeat of Obama, but also commence preparations for Operation Counterweight.

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  1. Counterweights in the states are also going to be key, so we keep electing fiscal conservatives locally and at the state level.

    We'll get there. It's just going to take a few more election cycles (and yes, it looks like we'll be saddled with a lame useless big government establishment GOP presidential nominee, but we're only heading into the second election of the great conservative revival, so patience . . . :p)

  2. I am exhausted already. Still funemployed, when I am not searching the non-existent job postings, I am watching the Establishment and even some of the New Media eviscerate those on the right that they deem not quite the right sort. I am constantly defending conservatives although I'm not sure it does much good. Would that they put that much effort into attacking the left. It certainly gets nasty out there.

  3. The Republican insiders and Republican Party have to knock it off - every one of our candidates should be hugging each other every time they run into each other - they are soldiers in the same battle, comrades more than foes - every answer should be, Candidate X is a wonderful person and would be a great President. I think I am a better choice because (list positive qualifications). The main thing is, Obama is destroying our nation.

    Run on merit and ideas and positive energy, a commitment to saving the nation.

    DO NOT beat any of your fellow candidates into the dirt. Yes, the campaign process is (and has to be) brutal, like honing steel, fiery and painful so that only the strongest emerges, but this time, let the scorching come from the left. Don't send our candidate into the final battle undone and bloodied by friendly fire.

    This means you, Charles Krauthammer, and Neil Boortz, who I love - but who are so wrong about Sarah Palin. Knock it off.

    Whatever you see as her negatives - she is vastly preferable to the disaster we are currently faced with in the White House.

    And she, like Cain and others, represent new ideas, outside the beltway thinking, new energy, and intense belief in the greatness of this nation.

  4. I want an army of Demints, Rand Paul, Alan Wests and the like and will work hard to get out info on people like this to my sphere of influence.

    I will do the same for a real person as president.

    I have said it before, give me a Mitttens and I will just skip that line on my ballot for the first time in my life.

  5. I think this is a good fall back position. If it were only back-stabbing and petty politics, we might be able to squeak by.

    How is it even possible that Donald Trump was the first guy to come out and say with conviction that Obama is a terrible president and then proceed to make a convincing case? Donald Trump isn’t even a politician! He’s a businessman and an entertainer, and he got more traction with the electorate at the time than the entire Republican Party has managed to get after three years of Obama’s ruinous policies. (BTW - I do NOT think Trump is the guy by any means)

    The GOP simply isn't up to the task. With everything the Democrats have been doing recently, we should be at 70% in the poles and the public should be out in the streets with pitchforks. Unfortunately, the lackluster GOP can't seem to get over their anemia and put out an effective message that exposes Obama's absurd actions and economy-killing policies.

    If we ever had a case to take to the people, Obama has handed it to us on a silver platter, but our side just can't seem to put together the message.

    What a shame! Yes, a good plan B certainly wouldn’t hurt.

  6. The Republicans are not called "the stupid party" for nothing. I agree with you 100%. As I've said before, I would vote for a door knob rather than Obama. Our side needs to focus on the goal; positive competition, not politics of personal destruction.

    Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment needs resurrection. When Sarah Palin was asked about Romney in NH (and anyone who followed her might remember the BORE in the woods video ), she was positive, and said he would bring a great vision and strengths to the primaries.

    Learn from her, establishment Republicans. She knows how to WIN. Unless, of course, you care more about yourself than the American people. If that's the case, the Republican Party is dead, and a 3rd party will replace it.

  7. I agree with Rose 100%. Every question to a Republican, no matter how provocative, should turn into a criticism of Obama and his disastrous policies. If the American people had hired someone to wreck the country how different would their policies be than Obama's? Answer: none.

  8. Maybe, if we are all lucky and want to avoid another four years of Obama, we ought to recall Speaker Tip O'Neil's comment that "All Politics Is Local" The National Republicans need to get behind Local Republicans and do some organizing. Otherwise ... ... ...

  9. Peggy Noonan in today's Wall Street Journal is a perfect example of what you're referring to. A supporter of Obama the last time around, realizing that she has no chance to redeem herself with Conservatives has this to say in her bid to get a job in the Romney campaign: "Hmm, Palin or Romney—a trip to Crazytown or the man of sober mien." For people like Noonan, this is not about the country, it’s about advancing her career. Noonan is best known for writing some of Ronald Reagan’s speeches by plagiarizing the poet John Gillespie Magee, Jr.

  10. In realspeak, can this mean that Palin has higher stock than Romney?

  11. Paling - similar age and involvement in politics - was far more accomplished and qualified for executive leadership such as president than Obam was in 2008. Now we have his most debt for the US ever - exceeding his predecessors in total - and miring the nation's job creating engines in 'regime uncertainty, recreating Roosevelt's Great Depressions errors. And then adding stagflation.

    Does anyone acknowledging these facts seriously think there is a real contest in choosing between the two? Not I.

  12. People respond to the way they are "graded" ... I.e. paid.

    The denizens of the professional/political complex -- GOP and Dim alike .. get paid by winning elections. They don't get paid for the quality of governance that results from the wins.

  13. @Rose:
    Great commentary. We shouldn't be letting the rivals for the R nomination do the Dems dirty work for them.

  14. Operation Counterweight is key.
    True change will only come from the bottom up.
    Agree with Fuzi, as frustrating as it is, we have to accept that it will take a few cycles to effect a real shift in the structure of the Republican party.

  15. I have no problem with Obama winning in 2012, because when the economy crashes it will leave the Republicans as the majority party for 50 years, the same way Hoover being in power during the start of the Great Depression led to the Democrats being in power for most of the next 50 years. Please see John T. Reed's excellent article on the "Save-America Decision."