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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why do these people, many of whom are professionals, feel no fear in expressing such death wishes in the open?

You have seen the video of Twitter death wishes directed at Sarah Palin, by people who did not feel the need to hide their identities.

So like clockwork, death wishes (threats?) are being tweeted about Scott Walker, again often using real names.

And these were before last night's Senate vote (a Vimeo version is here in case YouTube takes it down):

Since the vote, the death wishes are multiplying.  As soon as they have been put in video form, I'll post it.

(added) Here's one example at the link:

Even the people who sent an explicit death threat to Gov. Walker and Republican Senators apparently signed their names.

The Question of the Day, once again, is:

Why do these people, many of whom are professionals, feel no fear in expressing such death wishes in the open?
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  1. Because there are never any consequences for the Left. That simple.

  2. Because progressives and elitists are never, ever, ever held to account for their words or actions. It is not in their DNA makeup to be accountable. "Accountability" is for dummies, and will never apply to our betters.

    If any are taken to task over what's recently occurred, just wait for the eventual court decisions to prove the point. Not even slaps on the wrist, I'll wager.

  3. Maybe they don't expect anyone to take them seriously?

    In many ways the behavior of Democrats is similar to that of children. And you know...kids say the darndest things.

  4. That consolation prize we got when Obama won ... the promise of dissipation of the tedious, constant leftist anger ... it was junk.

  5. The left has been allowed to be ruled by their emotion and to always claim the higher ground cuz they "care." That their emotions eventually devolve to hate and rage is a natural progression of things.

    It's a shame they have no fear, but it's also natural b/c they've never had to deal with repercussions.

  6. I'm going to assume that's a rhetorical question. The goons know the MSM has their backs.

  7. "A bill sharply curtailing collective bargaining rights for government workers in Wisconsin is due for a vote in the State Assembly on Thursday. The State Senate approved similar legislation Wednesday"

    The bill has passed, phones Meade.
    Posted by Ann Althouse at 2:10 PM

    "ADDED: Meade declares the protest over: There's nothing to do anymore. It will have to wind down."

    Ann Althouse

  8. Professor, James O'Keefe just posted this link on FB 15 minutes ago. Haven't watched it yet:


  9. These are the same people who scream about rightwinger violence (never documented)and would absolutely think you are nuts if you pointed out their own personal violent leanings.

  10. Because they are idiots I suppose. They could certainly be charged with making terroristiic threats. If a kid in the school where I work can be charged thus simply by telling another kid he was going to "kick his ass" then these folks making threats against any elected official should be prosecuted.

  11. Why do these people, many of whom are professionals, feel no fear in expressing such death wishes in the open?

    I've been wondering that all day, too. I read the death threat e-mail and was slack-jaw shocked that anyone would write such a detailed threat let alone actually sign their name! They must not fear any retribution at all.

    If they are charged, I hope they don't try the insanity defense. Or the Rush-Limbaugh-made-me-do-it defense.

  12. Don't forget AG Holder. Who in their right mind would think that Holder would take action against a Democrat for threatening a Republican?

  13. Professor, do you really have to ask?

    The left has been rioting, bombing, protesting, creating havoc, become violent and pretty much doing anything they want for as long as I can remember. And, unfortunately, there seems to have been little cost to what they do.

    "Guilty as hell and free as a bird" should be their rallying cry.

    When did the left, the really radical left, ever have to be responsible for what they have done. William Ayers should have spent the rest of his life in a cell 10 x 10, instead, he has now been exalted to "educator". The fact that Ayers was also a professor should send a chill down your spine.

    But you see, the excuse is simple; if you are a party of no morals, you can't be held to the same moral standards as everyone else. And if you are Obama, you can call for "civility" when Gabby Giffords was shot, but when it is your voter base that is being uncivil, nary a word from Obama.

  14. I hope Mrs. Branner isn't that person's teacher. Ya know, the one that spelled it "benifits"

  15. I can only wonder what "profession" do these people belong to? Since when did Village Idiot move from blue collar status?


  16. Because they can (cowardice notwithstanding). These are the same folks who rush to buy saran wrap & duct tape to forestall impending doom. Don't believe it? Watch one in action.

  17. And if, perish the thought, some conservative figure is killed, none of the leftists who are doing this or condoning it or standing by when it's done will accept any responsibility whatsoever. But Sarah Palin puts a target on a map, like a lot of people do, and the Tucson shootings are all her fault.

  18. "Why do these people, many of whom are professionals, feel no fear in expressing such death wishes in the open?"

    My guess is that they believe all right thinking folk agree with them, and thus their words shouldn't upset anyone who matters.

  19. "Why do these people, many of whom are professionals, feel no fear in expressing such death wishes in the open?"

    Simple. That's what professional idiots do.

  20. It is nice to see the growth in support for the death penalty on the Left, however.

  21. I think threatening a public official would meet the criteria for a terrorist. Because Sarah Palin is a private citizen; whatever movie stars do might be a model of how to pursue and prevent it.

    If it isn't illegal to threaten the life of another person (no matter their occupation), it should be. That seems a necessary cornerstone of a civil society. Without this, there'd be duels (instead of protests) outside every state house, and there would be no rule of law.

    Please, be reasonable. The actions of some irresponsible humans does not characterize the left. Arrest them.

  22. These people probably support freely available abortion, and physician assisted suicide. They don't view life as a precious gift from God. Since they are smart enough to off themselves when the time comes for the good of society, why shouldn't others be offed for the good of society? They have no honor, and they have no integrity.

  23. Explicit threats against an elected official to may meet the criteria for a terrorist act.

    One other comment re: the high school age kids posting these things. A lot of the posters seemed like teenagers who had taken on the views of parents or peers. Kids will do that when they could only understand the issues superficially. One important thing we can do for the future of our democracy is to encourage our children to reserve judgment until they have the facts (from all sides) and to seek these out. And only after they have drawn a thoughtful opinion, to express it in an effective and responsible way. And for us to model that.

    These kids don't understand the gravity of what they are twittering because they don't even understand the world their passionate 'opinions' pertain to. Critical thinking is hard to teach when schools have been politicized such that all views cannot be examined and evidence investigated without the backlash of a room full of angry parents. Thinking clearly should be a teaching priority. Race to the Top has made it an explicit goal. I hope the execution is successful.

  24. Speaking about Althouse, the only time I've ever had to contact authorities about a reply to one of the comments I've posted it was on her site, following a situation she allowed to fester by reaching out to the teapartiers. I've left literally thousands of comments on literally hundreds of sites since 2002, and the issue involving Althouse's site was the only time I had to contact authorities.

    Don't buy the teapartiers' hype about civility: they're anything but that.

    P.S. Because there are teapartiers about, I have to point out that the above doesn't excuse the video. I'm simply pointing out that because Beltway hacks like Armey decided to reach out to those with borderline personalities, now the GOP has become the home to those who are no better than those on the video. I realize that's too difficult for most teapartiers to understand, but work your way through it.

    P.P.S. Because I accurately described the TPers, expect them to lie and to smear. TPers aren't credible, so check out my site (it's very easy to navigate) and see what I've been covering since 2002. Then, compare it to the intellectual output of the teapartiers (good luck finding it) and how they do things. Remember: TPers are allergic to the truth, so don't trust their lies and smears.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Of course that's an rhetorical question, partially. I take it it's also a request, not for enlightenment, surely, but perhaps for an enumeration of reasons. So:

    1- Many have been noted above, detailing forces which have their backs. In addition, they have assurance of protection from:

    2- Most of the judicial system, comprising law enforcement, prosecutors, attorneys and judges.

    3- Most local, state and federal bureaucrats, to include especially election officials.

    4- Occupants of the White House and their implementing Departments (except one).

    5- A lazy, drug-infested, gullible, blood-thirsty electorate.

    So, they have mighty, and I would say justifiable, reason to expect unrestricted operational freedom. Their confidence is indomitable in consequence of that and of their decades of nearly ceaseless success. Their mission is to prevent opposition from gaining rampancy. Their issued -- and they are issued -- ROEs are a blank sheet of paper, and I think they have only just begun to illustrate the meaning of that fact.

  27. Milwaukee: I"...support freely available abortion, and physician assisted suicide." I also KNOW that life is a precious gift from God. I also think the messages they sent were reprehensible.

    Political categories can really lead to the misunderstandings that I believe are tearing the country apart. Of course I expect you will disapprove of my prayerful understanding of God's will for me as as I live my precious life and as a voter (tonight post-er) and one among the many who share this country.

  28. It’s so funny to watch the “enlightened” contort themselves into full blown reactionaries.

  29. Could any of these people even articulate their opposition to Gov. Walker's policies with any depth? I'm guessing not.

  30. Milwaukee says:"These people probably support freely available abortion, and physician assisted suicide. They don't view life as a precious gift from God. Since they are smart enough to off themselves when the time comes for the good of society, why shouldn't others be offed for the good of society? They have no honor, and they have no integrity."

    I'm a native Wisconsinite from Wauwatosa and I believe that when an Attorney General like Eric Holder is so irresponsible and negligent of his own duties that he overlooks "New" Black Panthers threatening voters in Philly with assault weapons at the local precinct as not worthy of prosecution, that we are living in a reverse-police state, one that doesn't enforce or even RESPECT the law.

    Scott Walker, a fellow Tosan, supported and respected the law until he caught the Dems distributing his e-mails to them---he lowered the boom and the Journal-Sentinel for one thinks he is the BIG WINNER---DUH!!! I think he should be a VP candidate in 2012.

  31. Please. As if there are consequences for ANYONE on this stuff. This isn't a Left v. Right issue.

  32. One is reminded of the abuser's threats. "Don't make me hit you!"

  33. Political categories can really lead to the misunderstandings that I believe are tearing the country apart. - Laurie

    May I suggest that what are tearing the country apart are not misunderstandings, but in fact, understandings. Face it, we hate each other, and wish each others side harm and harbor ill will. And it is because we totally comprehend what the other side stands for, and will not tolerate it.

    The pandemonium from all sides scrabbling for the remaining scraps and salvage from a dead and decayed culture has begun. The wealth of a prior capitalist society has been exhausted by the descendent social welfare state, leaving many accustomed to much more than can ever be provided. The period of scavanging will be followed by one of which one can only have what one works to produce, which is really bad news for the left-leaning political spectrum.

  34. ruralcounsel--

    What you wrote is bleak, and I don't completely disagree, if something doesn't change. But if the future looks like you describe, we won't have a country to call our own before it's over. You realize this, right?

  35. The woman who threatened the entire Republican Senate in very graphic terms seems to be some sort of teacher of young children. Having shown herself to be unhinged, she should never be allowed to teach young children.