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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Who Could Have Imagined Koch Prank Call Was Identity Theft?

The New York Times had an article today about David Koch, focused on the opening of a cancer center in Boston donated by Koch, but also touching on the Think Progress and left-wing smear campaign against Koch.

Koch made an interesting comment regarding the "prank" call in which a left-wing blogger impersonated Koch to get through to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (emphasis mine):
It’s a case of identity theft,” Mr. Koch said of the call in which the liberal blogger got through to Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, drew him out about his plans to weaken unions and posted a recording of the call on the Internet, making news and embarrassing the governor. Mr. Koch, whose company, Koch Industries, had given major campaign support to Governor Walker, among other conservative candidates and causes, added, “I didn’t even know his name before this brouhaha erupted.”

Mr. Koch joked that the call could cause him problems. “I was thinking to myself, ‘My God, if I called up a senator or a congressman to discuss something with them, and they heard ‘David Koch is on the line,’ they’d immediately say, ‘That’s that fraud again — tell him to get lost!’ ” he said with a laugh.
This comment about identity theft has generated outrage at Raw Story (warning, the comments there are vulgar) which failed even to address Wisconsin law, as well as being the focus of an article at the Milawaukee Journal Sentinal.  The story is beginning to trickle out into other blogs as well.

For my readers, this is not news.  On February 25 I wrote Phony David Koch Call Wasn't Just A Prank, It May Have Been Identity Theft:
"There certainly is a good argument to be made that the "prank" fits the definition of identity theft [under Wisconsin law]."  
Remember, you heard it here first.

(As an aside, be sure to seek John Hinderaker's explanation of how The Times misleadingly bought into a Think Progress meme on the issue of a Koch subsidiary opposing classification of formaldehyde as a carcinogen.  Apparently, that is a legitimately disputed issue.)

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  1. Thanks for starting the "trickle" and keeping us informed, Professor.

  2. Ooooh, I liked the comments on the Raw Story's site. I'll clip 'em, print 'em, and hand 'em to my Proud Democrat co-worker.

    "Look Chris, here's another group of Democrats you must certainly be proud of.

    I'm thinking I should get one of those bumper stickers and start a Wall of Pride in my cubicle at work. Of course I'd have to mark through the vulgarities with a wide Sharpie...but that would be half the fun. Putting up quotes and pictures (Zombie has a seemingly endless trove) with large black splotches would be a wonderful way to demonstrate the peace-loving tolerance of the vocal Democrats.

    OTOH, I'd probably get slapped with creating a hostile work environment...and the Dems would no-doubt miss the irony.

  3. "Mr. Koch, whose company, Koch Industries, had given major campaign support to Governor Walker..."

    Wrong. Unless you consider less than $50,000 "major campaign support." The Koch's PAC gave some money to all conservatives/Republicans running in 2010. That is their right and there is nothing unique about the donation to Walker.

    The attack on the Koch's is not about principle, it's about removing a piece from the conservative side of the chessboard, so that lefties like Soros are unopposed.

  4. I just went to the link you provided and boy, where you ever right! I had never heard of this site before and already I can see they make Kos look right wing. There are people who are either mentally unstable, uneducated or simply antisocial (or all three). What a terrible way to live one's life. I am so glad I am not a liberal.

  5. "The attack on the Koch's is not about principle, it's about removing a piece from the conservative side of the chessboard, so that lefties like Soros are unopposed. "

    You don't see the irony in denouncing an attack on Koch with an attack on Soros, do you? Did you really think you had some exclusive right to demonize and attack the big money sources of the other side? Did you really think it wouldn't be used against you in return?

    Maybe think about these things before engaging in tactics you object to.

  6. Obscenity and vulgar ad hominem is the standard response to anyone disagreeing with leftist blogs. Washington Monthly is a good example as it is supposedly a mainstream Democrat magazine and blog. Any posted comment that survives (they delete many)and which disagrees with the thread, gets barraged with obscenity and personal attacks.

  7. Tialoc,

    Perhaps you can share with us all the different shadow organizations, and contributions to media and political hit squads, the Koch brothers have done; that is anywhere near similar to what Soros has done.

    If the two were even remotely similar you might have a point.

    Go ahead. Make your case.

    Regarding the identity theft. Would it be a NY case, WI, or Federal?

    It appears to be a Misdemeanor in NY. http://law.onecle.com/new-york/penal/PEN0190.25_190.25.html

    But is a Felony in WI if the stature covers impersonation.