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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Koch Derangement Syndrome Jumped The Shark Rather Quickly

A campaign by Think Progress to demonize and marginalize the Koch brothers has jumped the shark.

No, I'm not referring to the cretin who posted a comment here calling me a "Koch whore."

No, I'm not referring to the theft of David Koch's identity by a liberal blogger.

No, I'm not even referring to the pathetic and sick attempt by Lee Fang of Think Progress to attack John Hinderaker of Power Line Blog because among John's law firm's hundreds of clients are Koch companies.  (Fang obviously was reacting to John's masterful takedown -- here and here -- of the false accusations made by Fang against the Koch brothers.)

I'm referring to the BREAKING NEWS that a former Koch executive who now has his own business supplies styrofoam cups to the House of Representatives, as dramatically reported by HuffPo (emphasis mine):
Former Koch Industries executive George Wurtz owns WinCup, which supplies the styrofoam cups now littering the building following the House GOP's decision to phase out biodegradable cups from a Capitol lunchroom.

House Republicans announced in January that they would end a program to place compostable cups, containers and utensils in the House-side mini-cafeteria, a direct shot at former Speaker Nancy Pelosi's "Green the Capitol" initiative, which did away with styrofoam cups in 2007. Suspending the program resulted in business for Wurtz, a former executive of Koch Industries subsidiary Georgia-Pacific LLC.

GOP leaders did not handpick Wurtz's company, however -- that decision rested with Restaurant Associates, which manages the cafeteria.

"Decisions over what suppliers to use were done solely at the discretion of Restaurant Associates," Salley Wood, spokeswoman for the House Administration Committee.
In other words, there is no story here.  Someone who used to work for a Koch subsidiary landed a contract with the non-political people who run the cafeteria.  So what?  So what if a current Koch subsidiary landed the contract?

This massive piece of non-news was important enough for a headline at Slate, as well.

Although Think Progress's war on the Koch brothers is years old, the anti-Koch mania really only has moved into the mainstream with the Wisconsin protests.

It didn't take long for the deranged to learn how to jump that shark.  But then again, Happy Days was set in Milwaukee.

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  1. If you ever wondered what kind of person eagerly awaited subsequent episodes of Happy Days after Fonzie jumped the shark, look no further than the good people at Thunk Progress and HuffPo. People on the right can't write parody nearly as fast as people on the left can perform it. Bravo, lefties!

  2. Koch Industries in Wisconsin = Georgia Pacific = 3000 jobs.

    Wisconsin Employee's pension has investments in GP corporate bonds.

    This is a flyspeck in contrast to the union manipulation of contracts to steer health insurance money to their own insurance company.

  3. Complaints about competitive bids through non-political cafeteria managers for styrofoam cups? That's what the Left is reduced to?

  4. The real reason for all this Koch horse exhaust is because leftists find it easier to spell than "Halliburton."

  5. This could be trouble. I think that "styrofoam-cup-gate" has some serious legs. Heh.

    But then again, if the Valerie Plame case, Grand Prize Winner of the 'All-Time Stupidest "Scandal" in Political History' award, has legs, who's to say?

  6. Obviously, the styrofoam cups are specially treated to release certain chemicals into the contents, allowing for the control of Congressmembers


    Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to stock up on distilled water and grain alcohol , and find my copy of Dr. Strangelove.

  7. They've lost their freakin' minds.
    No further comment or analysis needed.

    The end.

  8. To the leftards, Koch bros are bad b/c they allegedly buy politicians who give them sweet deals with taxpayer dollars.

    To the leftards, public employee unions are good even though they actually buy politicians who give them sweet deals with taxpayer dollars.

  9. To tell you the truth, I follow business and finance and I had never heard of the Koch Bros. until a few months ago. I get the impression there is a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy going on where some manipulative d**ks (possibly the whole Democrat Party) think up schemes to deflect attention from the mess they are making of everything and then program attack dogs (Stink Progress, the Daily Kosa Nostra, Huffing and Puffing Post, etc) by throwing some raw meat to them and giving commands like "Destroy Koch" or "Scream Racism" (these commands tend to be short because the dogs are not able to process much information.)

    I DARE anybody to prove me wrong! (Heh, heh.)

  10. Former Koch Industries executive George Wurtz owns WinCup, which supplies the styrofoam cups now littering the building following the House GOP's decision to phase out biodegradable cups from a Capitol lunchroom.

    Off the main point, but you gotta love the inferences:

    1) The styrofoam cups just didn't litter themselves, someone had to supply them.

    2) Cups are now littering the grounds because some Republican elected officials (false- it was cafeteria management- but even so) decided styrofoam costs less and is more convenient for a lunchroom.

    3) Eco-aware Democratic protesters were forced not only to use these styrofoam abominations, as opposed to bringing their own SmartWater in leaching plastic or corporate and overpriced but trendy Starbucks drinks, but to drop them about the grounds.

    4) Had these cups been bio-degradable, the hard-working protesters could've trashed them around the Capitol expecting them to disintegrate and disappear from view within a year or so.

    Personal agency to Progressives: placards, the EPA, and Creative Artists, Inc.

  11. The Think Progess assault on the Koch's is very odd. The Koch's are true libertarians, not conservativse. That means they support both economic freedom, in the form of laissez-faire capitalism, and maximum individual freedom, in the form of strong civil liberties. Regarding economic freedom, they want to eliminate all forms of corporate welfare that favor Big Business and crony capitalism such as subsidies, tarrifs, excessive regulations, etc. All of which inhibit competition and restrict entrepreneurship. By opposing the Koch's, does Think Progress supoort a less competitive marketplace which favors crony capitalism and Big Business? Strange position to take.

    As true libertarians, the Koch's also place a higher value on personal freedom and civil liberties than conervatives often do. For example, the Koch's teamed up with George Soros, a major contributor to the Center for American Progress which owns Think Progress, to donate $10 million to the ACLU to try to overturn the Patriot Act when it was initially enacated several years ago. Since Soros is Lee Fang's Sugar Daddy, I'm sure Fang and Think Progress are fully aware of this Koch/Soros arrangement. When the Patriot Act was enacted, all we heard from the Left was that Bush was trampling our Constitutional rights and creating a police state. By opposing the Koch's, does that mean Think Progress now supports the police state that the Koch's have lobbied to dimantle by trying to overturn the Patriot Act?

    The Koch's are a strange target for an entity like Think Progress to demonize.

  12. yeah, i characterize that kind of story as being an assertion that a certain person has "cooties." somehow mere contact with something makes you take on all the aspects of it.

    You saw that with the attacks on judge feldman who issued the injunction ending the drilling moratorium. they said, "well, once he owned oil stock." not that he did at the time of his decision, but apparently the judge had "oil cooties" in the mind of the left.

    Koch cooties sounds worse, but i wonder why no one on the left ever thinks Obama has Rev. Wright cooties, or Ayers cooties?

  13. Ha! They really have lost it. Worst conspiracy theory evah.

  14. Even better, if you read the Powerline post about it that links here, the dude in question left GP right after Koch bought it.

    So either he didn't like their ownership or they didn't see a need to keep him employed there.

    Thus plainly he must be in their pocket. I mean, it follows plain as day...