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Thursday, March 3, 2011

For your viewing pleasure.

Best of the web: An Annie Leonard smackdown. Complete with facts and... stuff:

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  1. So . . . who is supposed to own steel mills? Car companies? Oh, wait. Sorry. Barry Soetoro is supposed to be the one who owns car companies.

    And why would anyone form a corporation other than to make money? Does the ma and pa grocery store open up to give out free food? Does the kid mowing lawns do it for free? Unless you're one of Barry's protected constituent groups, most people need money to live. So they have to do work to MAKE money. So either they are self-employed TO MAKE MONEY, or they work for someone else TO MAKE MONEY. But doesn't the person/thing they work for have TO MAKE MONEY so they can PAY employees?

  2. I think most Americans do not understand the difference between a democracy and a constitutional republic. Heck Chuck Schumer doesn't even know the three branches of government so what could we expect.

    As far as those EVIL corporations go, why on earth would they want to make money. Damn them for giving me a place tobuy a loaf of bread and significantly increasing our standard of living.

  3. great smackdown, love it and thanks for posting!

  4. Slayer...

    Barry thinks it is okay to make money by the sweat of your brow if it is for your personal needs (but not too much).

    If you make enough money that you can afford to hire people to help you make more money then it is not so okay. At that point you're in danger of making a profit out of someone else's labor. At this point Barry (and the left, in general) think it is a-okay to step in dictate/confiscate that profit.

    In the socialist world we're all 'workers', wage laborers. Rising higher is reserved for the political/connected class. What Ayn Rand (through Fransisco D'Anconia) referred to as the Aristocracy of Pull.

    Garret Hardin illustrated the left's issue with profit like this: An employer uses $2 worth of materials and $2 worth of someone's labor to make a product that he/she sells for $5. Since 2+2 doesn't equal 5...that extra 1 must have been stolen from someone. It is ill-gotten.

  5. Unfortunately misleading on both sides.

    What seems to have been forgot is that large, publicly-traded corporations with international enterprises, properties and interests are no longer merely American citizens who have banded together to create projects or profits. They exist tantamount to non-landed nations only partly dependent upon the well-being of the government and people residing in the land known as the United States.

    Some judicious clipping of their electioneering wings and influence would be appropriate.