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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Coastal Road Massacre - March 11, 1978

Today marks the anniversary of The Coastal Road Massacre, one of the most notorious PLO terrorist attacks on Israel, in which dozens of Israelis were killed when PLO operatives from Lebanon landed at a beach north of Tel Aviv, and proceeded on a killing spree. 

As recollected in The Jerusalem Post:
After making the short walk to the Coastal Road, the terrorists flagged down and hijacked a passing taxi, killing its occupants, and began driving south towards their original destination – Tel Aviv. Soon after embarking on the short journey, the group of terrorists stopped a northbound chartered Egged bus, hijacked it and ordered the driver to turn around and head south. Heading down the highway, the Fatah cell began shooting and throwing grenades at passing cars, at one point throwing a body from their commandeered bus.

Along the 30-mile drive to Tel Aviv, the terrorists managed to stop another bus, ordering its passengers to pile into the first bus. With over 70 hostages on board and a trail of carnage behind them along the Coastal Road, police were alerted to the developing attack and were by that point trailing the hijacked bus packed with Israeli civilians. Police quickly attempted to set up a roadblock, but determined to reach the Tel Aviv metropolis, the terrorists plowed the bus right through it. The deadly rampage continued against any vehicle unlucky enough to be on the road that day....

By the time the shooting, explosions and fire were quelled, 37 Israelis and one American were killed, including 13 children, and 71 were wounded in the deadliest terrorist attack in Israeli history.
Israeli invaded Southern Lebanon three days later, what became known as Operation Litani.

The bodies of two of the Coastal Road terrorists were part of a swap in 2008 after the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah war, which included the bodies of two kidnapped Israeli soldiers whose kidnapping sparked the fighting.

Last year the Palestinian Authority proposed naming a town square after the female leader of the attack, Dalal Mughrabi, but put off the decision under pressure.  Al-Jazeera regularly glorifies Mughrabiin its coverage, as well. 

By the way, this female hero of the Palestinians was the person who shot the American photographer on the beach right after the group landed.

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  1. Radical muslims in Gaza and elsewhere do believe Israel and the USA are weak because we will not strike at soft targets (unarmed women and children) as the muslims do. I realize that there is a huge number of people who believe that "we are too good for that", that being committing full-on terror attacks similar to our firebombing of Tokyo, nuking of Nagasaki, and firebombing of Dresden. They are wrong--winning is everything, not just one thing.

    The people in our societies who hold back our righteous wrath are wrong and will lead us to suicidal actions. As a result of their hobbling our responses, we allow ourselves to be intimidated and terrorized while refusing to intimidate and terrorize the enemy. Were Israel or the USA to decide that fear and intimidation through effective terror was the proper strategy, this "war" with radical islam and it's Jordanian (West Bank) and Egyptian (Gaza) gangs would soon be over.

    The West-and I include Israel as a shining jewel of the West-not only has a right to survive but a duty to Mankind to survive and prosper. Enlightenment has brought the general well-being, culture, and knowledge to levels unbelieved even 100 years ago (let alone 10,000 years ago). The West has risen people above the nearly animal conditions that islam and other equally tyrannical ideologies require in order to maintain dominance.

  2. I had a political philosphy class once with the archetypical moral-relativist professor.

    Speaking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, he told the class to turn off the sound on their TVs the next time this subject was in the news and just watch the images. That without the influence of the media commentary, we'd see equal anguish in the faces of both sides.

    What hogwash. When a natural disaster such as an earthquake strikes its enemies, Israel is among the first nations to offer help. If, God forbid, some natural calamity were to strike Israel, many, if not most Palestinians would be praying for it to mean the end of Israel and the Jews.

    Sadly this moral relativism is about the best you can expect from university professors these days. I believe most are downright hostile to Israel.

    Change comes from talking to young people and countering this vile trend. Their side wants to indoctrinate today's youth. I want to enlighten them.

  3. I was living in Israel during the Ma'alot massacre in 1974 and that evening went to the kibbutz tv room to watch the news.

    They showed the attack on the school where the terrorists had the children they were holding as hostages several times and each time something seemed anomalous and for the first couple of showings I couldn't figure out just what it was.

    There was the school, you heard the order for the soldiers to advance, you heard lots of gunfire, but there was something amiss with the picture of the soldiers racing for the school.

    Then I figured it out--despite the heavy gunfire from the school, none of the soldiers were falling. It was because when the order to attack came the terrorists opened fire...not on the soldiers but on the children, intending not to kill troops but to kill as many children as they could before they fell to the IDF.

    The Palestinian terrorists were all killed but not before they had killed a couple of dozen children and wounded many more. None survived but they, too, were held up as exemplars and role models.

    These are the people leftists all over the western world see as heroes to be admired.