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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Billion Dollar Candidate Has Left The Starting Gate

Among the many, many false narratives Barack Obama successfully perpetrated on the American public in 2008 with the help of a compliant and fawning media was the notion that Obama's election was the result of "small donors" and a grassroots fundraising movement.

It all was part of the political mythology of Obama.

In fact, as discussed before, small donors made up no greater a proportion of Obama's donors than of George Bush's donors.

For 2012, Obama plans to raise one billion dollars for his re-election campaign, as sum which dwarfs even the $750 million he raised in 2008.  Based on his early fundraising start, Obama's campaign may be able to raise that sum without having to turn off the security features on his credit card donation portal, as it did in 2008.

The Obama money machine already has left the 2012 gate, and true to form, big donors are the target.  As reported by Politico:

President Barack Obama’s 2012 fundraising team has begun nailing down major cash commitments from top donors during a coast-to-coast “listening” tour — the surest sign to date that the vaunted Obama money machine is back in business.

Former White House deputy chief of staff Jim Messina, along with Hollywood producer-turned-Democratic fundraiser Rufus Gifford, has been aggressively recruiting big-money contributors who maxed out to the 2008 campaigns of Obama and Hillary Clinton, donors and party officials told POLITICO.

One of their pitches: an offer to join a new “National Finance Council,” which would entail a contribution to the Democratic National Committee of up to $61,600 per couple, per year. That money could be used to fund support operations for Obama’s reelection effort, in addition to smaller donations they would be expected to make directly to Obama’s as-yet-unincorporated Chicago-based campaign, according to donors.

The decision to ask for the DNC’s $61,600 up front, while hardly unprecedented, has taken some Democratic fundraisers by surprise. In part, that’s because it comes so early in the cycle — before any clear GOP frontrunner has emerged.
Nothing can change the voracious Obama appetite for campaign money, but the Politico report is a good sign that perhaps the mainstream media -- and I moved Politico into that camp several weeks ago -- will be more revealing in its willingness to expose the Obama campaign mythology.

Obama is the true candidate of big money.  Always has been, always will be.

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  1. Maybe Michael Moore will get that "big" money redistributed before Barry gets it....

  2. So who will be the candidate of "small donors" and a grassroots fundraising movement. Romney?

    Palin has highest favorables of all GOP candidates with Republican voters.


  3. It's amazing how someone with only the superficial qualities of a beautiful voice, a great smile, the ability to read a teleprompter convincingly, the right skin pigmentation for millions to project vain self-images of their goodness upon, who is "an activist merely mimicking the mannerisms of an intellectual," with no executive experience, no experience in the business world, no experience in the military, with little experience of any kind outside of academia, who does not believe in our allies or American exceptionalism, and numerous other faults and weaknesses could actually be elected president.

    That may be a run-on sentence. But it's nothing compared to the danger we face if we let this mistake run on any longer.

    Four more years of hope? I hope not.

  4. Thankfully it will be a billion wasted dollars. By this time next year only the stupid and willfully blind kool-aid drinkers and the parasite class will support him. The rest of the electorate will not be fooled again.

  5. Interesting.

    1. "a beautiful voice" Yes. (Palin's is not to be endured.)
    2. "a great smile" Yes. (Palin's is Okay too.)
    3. "the ability to read a teleprompter convincingly" Yes. An important skill to communicate with Americans and inspire them which is necessary is a very trying time. He did not bankrupt the country-- sorry, but Bush did. (And why doesn't Palin's teleprompter feed her more content?)
    4. "the right skin pigmentation for millions to project vain self-images of their goodness upon"
    Maybe. Also irrelevant. Well, except the degree to which this inspires people (Yes, Palin is white.)
    5. Who is "an activist merely mimicking the mannerisms of an intellectual" Get real. He is both. Or what would he interject into his outreach to regular Americans (i.e. not academics, as you snarled). Should he get into the authorship of Genesis maybe? Jesus. Or... Maslow or Max Weber? Does anyone trying to get by really give a s**t?
    6. "with no executive experience" he got some getting elected! He is a natural executive who knows how to delegate & knows how to get things through congress.
    7. "no experience in the business world" Not much, no. Which is why I find it interesting that he approaches the nation's challenges with a cost/benefit & investment mentality
    8. "no experience in the military" Yes.(You were comparing him to Bush? Palin?)
    9. "with little experience of any kind outside of academia" You said this, but don't forget that scandalous 'activism.' Oh, and running for President.
    10. "who does not believe in our allies or American exceptionalism"
    How so? The break with our allies came with his predessor, remember? I understood from your comments you are offended because A) he was elected by a majority; 2) That is race was significant for some voters as testament to social mobility (but gender plays no role in Palin's Pres. creds.?); 3) He has restored our 'moral authority' in the world as a country valuing equity, transcending ethnicity, and a leader. Two other points: 4.) Taking exception with American exceptionalism, the GOP has sought to discredit him as an example of social mobility by claiming he is not American, claiming he is a loyal Muslim; and most recently, that he was raised in Kenya-- when in fact, he lived only a few years in Indonesia and played basketball like other black teenagers in Hawaii and was uncomfortable with their racism given that his family was white.

    I think you are referring to the newer definition of "American exceptionalism" which maintains we are & can & should be imperialist bullies. I don't think that is the American Revolution MY great...grandfathers fought in; and I don't think a wired world will let allow that approach. All that said, we have shaped culture all over the world--to the good. But history moves forward, and we don't have time for nostalgia.

    Can he help it if we've engaged in two wars bankrolled by the Chinese? Or that the repeal of Glass-Steagal? Now, after this last Wall Street syphoning, the world is wary of the dollar, and weary of the disconnect between the old American exceptionalism and the newer (GOP) American exceptionalism. Who can blame them? So are many Americans.

  6. Laurie-

    Honey, it's time for your meds now.