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Friday, December 4, 2009

I Cannot Believe What She Just Said

Did you hear what she just said? And it was all recorded, so she cannot deny it.

There she goes again. You know who I'm talking about, and what it was. The thought of her in Washington, D.C., when we have such serious issues to deal with. Does anyone consider her a serious candidate for high office again?

I will not repeat what she said, because I do not want to participate in spreading it around.

All the details are here, if you really need to know.

You know, she's said silly things before. So it could not have been that she misspoke, or was inartful. Because serious candidates never say things, and then need to clarify.

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  1. RE B. Boxer and her utterings "incredulous" comes to mind; also a member of that ancient political party the Know nothings.
    In conclusion, she also spews illogical. scatological Barbara Boxerisms.

  2. SamH, methinks Barbie the Boxer is taking Pelosi lessons...

  3. you got me. :O) I was all ready to come to SP's defense. haha

  4. It is not just that she said that. Its that she actually believes it.