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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

AARP Rides To Obamacare's Rescue, Again

Congratulations Senior Citizens. Your self-appointed advocate, AARP, has intervened again in favor of Democratic health care restructuring proposals:
As the Senate prepares to vote on a controversial Medicare funding amendment to the $848 billion health care bill, the seniors lobby has weighed in with a letter affirming it supports the proposed $460 billion in cuts to the program.

Since Monday, the Senate has been debating an amendment by Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain to strip the Medicare cuts -- which are being used to offset other costs in the bill, such as providing government subsidies to help low- and middle-income families buy health insurance.

The AARP, which has supported the health care effort, said in a letter today that it believes the money can be found in Medicare by targeting waste and abuse.
The vote on the McCain amendment has not yet taken place. I'll update this post when the vote takes place.

In the meantime, read my prior posts on the insidious roles played by tax-exempt organizations, such as AARP and Consumers Union, in raising taxes on the rest of us.

Update: Not surprisingly, AARP was successful in convincing the Senate Democrats to defeat the McCain amendment.

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  1. As someone on medicare, I think it is outrageous that going into this thing, Congress has not given us an idea of where they are planning to trim the fat.

    Either they are not sharing what they know about it with us OR, like us, they have bought a pig in a poke. This has been the "year of living dangerously." We have discovered that most members of Congress have never had time to study legislation thoroughly before voting on it. Worse, we the people have been deprived of studying proposed legislation as well.

  2. Oh - forgot AARP - they just sent out a mailing to us offering medical insurance of one kind or another. Will people wake up. These people are not working in our best interests. They have become lobbyists for the insurance industry - the business they really are in. It is disgusting when an organization that should be an advocacy group for senior citizens is working with the government against us.

  3. Call, write email whatever, but we need to get the word out to every senior. DO NOT contribute to your own destruction-Do Not contribute one dime to AARP.

  4. Of course AARP supports these health care bills. The bills will gut Medicare Advantage, and AARP will be there to "help" senior with their MediGap insurance program. Follow the $$$.