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Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Alive!

The ruling by the Senate Parliamentarian requiring that Obama sign a health care bill into law before the reconciliation process could begin is damaging to the Democrats' procedural maneuvers.

But is it fatal? Hard to say. Allahpundit has the possible twists and turns, including the possibility of nuclear Joe overruling the Parliamentarian.

I don't put anything past them.

This beast has been slain so many times that it ain't over even when it seems over, even when the fat lady has sung, even when we have driven a stake through its heart, even when the lights were turned out, even when we stuck a fork in it, and even when we put the final nail in its coffin.

It will not die, like some strange creature from another world able to transform itself into new and more dangerous life forms.

Do not sleep well, it still is alive.

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  1. I'm hoping the day soon comes where it finally:

    bites the dust;
    kicks the bucket;
    sleeps with the fishes;
    crosses the river Styx;
    dances its last dance;
    buys the farm; and
    becomes worm food.

  2. Where's that damn silver bullet when we need it ...

  3. @maggot,

    are there any sayings that you have forgotten? Thanks for the laugh

  4. DANGIT!! This bill is like a freakin' hydra! Just when you think you've killed 1 part of it, another part shows up and tries to consume you!

  5. pushes up daisies;
    looks at potatoes from the underside;
    goes for a Burton;
    exits stage left; and
    augers in.

  6. And all of this brought to you compliments of the party that will not take no for an answer.

    Bring back Biden from starting WWIII right there in Israel? He's a man on a mission.

  7. I don't know: if you're a Democrat looking at the polls, this is an opportunity to back out. I tend to think there are a lot of Dems who don't want to vote for this monstrosity.

  8. I don't know anymore if it will EVER end. These guys are like ticks - they will NEVER LET GO unless they are removed by force. It is the Nightmare on Elm Street, Night of the Living Dead, and The Flood from Halo all rolled into one!

    Can Rep. Slaughter (and Pelosi, maybe even Obama!?) be held accountable for this "Slaughter Solution" plot? I was listening to Mark Levin tonight; he had a guest on (a REAL Constitutional law expert, unlike the Liar-in-Chief) who outlined why this is un-Constitutional. Levin stated that just planning such a heinous strategy is, in his opinion, against the oath of office (i.e. to "uphold the Constitution") sworn by these elected reps. He even asserted, and his guest agreed, this would be tantamount to martial law. Can they be removed for this ploy? Say it's so; it give me hope!

    These people MUST be removed, preferably before November. The will not quit, they will not be let go. Either down our throats or up "another" way they are bound and determined to pass this monstrous bill.

  9. It will never end. The drive for national health care started almost a century ago. We already have a significant portion of our medical services that are only partially paid for by the government. The truth is the private sector has been subsidizing government payments and the more government controls costs (supposedly by cutting payments), the more private costs go up.

    It won't end until the end user recognizes their part in the dance. All sides portray the health care customer as innocent, when in fact, the situation we find ourselves in has been also something we took part in. When you are not paying your own bills for your needs, you are not careful of costs.

    There is a widespread mentality that medical care is something we shouldn't have to pay for. Americans pay billions for health care in the form of gyms, vitamins, beauty scams, plastic surgery, etc.

    Insurance is for the unlikely events, not the normal and expected.

  10. goes toes up;
    assumes room temperature;
    goes on the Last Ride;
    puts in for a Darwin Award, and
    dons the cement overshoes.

  11. Yes, it will never die, but every event so far has been in our favor, and that's how it needs to be if we will be successful.

  12. No, the push for socialized medicine will never fully die -- because in a population of millions, there will always be a faction that lusts for the unearned.

  13. Becky,

    There is a widespread mentality that medical care is something we shouldn't have to pay for. Americans pay billions for health care in the form of gyms, vitamins, beauty scams, plastic surgery, etc.

    Insurance is for the unlikely events, not the normal and expected.

    Great point. This is ultimately about changing mindsets. How do you prove Gravity exist to die hard supporters of socialized medicine? In the progressives' mind, Gravity doesn't exit and there no consequence.

  14. This is one time where an amendment to allow recall of congressmen sounds really appealing. I'm wary of the unintended consequences, though.

    A time machine would also be nice - if we could just stuff in a bunch of the 'yes' voters in the House and *BAM* they disappear until September or so...

  15. If Biden does choose to preside in the Senate and overrule the Parliamentarian, there are about 20 million Democrats who owe Sarah Palin an apology for her (correct) views about the Constitutional role of the Vice President.