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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jamie Gorelick Helping Rewrite Privacy Laws

I previously posted about Jamie Gorelick's hiring as a lobbyist for Sallie Mae, the student loan agency. After the debacles she created by raising the wall between law enforcement and the intelligence services, and at Fannie Mae, I thought she was doing quite well for herself.

Thanks to Doug Ross (who coined the phrase "Mistress of Disaster") for reminding me of Gorelick's role as a Sallie Mae lobbyist, and how she failed miserably since the federal government now has taken over the student loan business directly.

Failure in Washington seems to be a selling point, not an impediment.

What else is Gorelick up to? She's representing a coalition pushing for a rewrite of online privacy laws:
The groups plan to announce four principles, buttressed by legal analyses including one by Jamie Gorelick, a former deputy attorney general now in private practice at a Washington, D.C., law firm, according to one source. The principles apply only to government access to data stored by Internet and telecommunications companies and do not regulate the private sector or private litigants.
What possibly could go wrong?

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  1. For the Freedom of the Political Prisoners in Cuba sign here: http://firmasjamaylibertad.com/ozt/

  2. Someone has to do an in-depth analysis and expose' of this woman. She's like a venereal disease that keeps coming back to do more damage. It's time to get her face back out to the public so they know what's she's up to. Kudos to this blog for leading the way.

  3. Will no one rid us of this meddlesome woman?

  4. Let's not forget that Ms. Gorelick was the prime mover of the Fannie Mae shaky paper fiasco. Under her leadership they _invented_ that whole class of sub-prime derivatives that ending up causing the banking collapse.

    All so as to raise funds to give out even more sup-prime loans for the CRA.

  5. Wasn't another one of her great successes the "wall" between the intel services and the FBI pre-9/11? So she has managed to help befoul National Security, student lending, housing/finance - and now gets a whack at privacy law? Just dandy.

  6. In modern American history has there been another partisan operative whose very process of legal thinking, one who (as a result of defensless positions she held) has had a clearer and more damaging effect on the nation's polity?

    Jamie Gorelick literally institutionalized psychological "denial" as a public policy, one that this new group of imbeciles is mindlessly reinvigorating at DOJ.

    I can think of none. Her idiotic views essentially blinded the nation to the growing Islamist threat -- one that all along was furiously brewing right in our midst! And that "thinking" that she helped spawn cut off access to the intelligence benefits we might have reaped from a sensible policy . . . all of which tragically resulted in the deaths of thousands in the WTC, and other terrorist bombings of our embassies.

    I've often wondered about former Governor Tom Kean's strange defense of her when she initially came under fire at the time of the creation of the 9/11 Commission.

    What, if anything, could he have possibly gotten in return for defending her? Was he just acting to "head off" a perceived political fight because of the need for unity? Or, did he believe he was somehow protecting his turf on the Commission by refusing to acknowledge the obvious?

    Kean's entire political career had been built on none-too-pretty compromising with Democrats, beginning back when he became the minority Speaker of the General Assembly in New Jersey in the early 1970s, having cut a deal with the corrupt Hudson County Democrats (David Friedland) -- some things just never change!

    Later, during his first term as Governor, Kean had to compromise every day with Democrats who were in control of both houses, and in the second term, with Democrat control of the patronage-controlling State Senate. So, Kean certainly knew how to "deal."

    You ask, "What possibly could go wrong?"

    The cynic in me says -- with respect the thought of putting Jamie Gorelick in charge of anything -- "What could possibly go right?"

  7. Why would anyone hire her? Don't people do background checks? This woman is bad news. If found out she bet on the same horse as me at the track, I'd tear up my ticket before the race is done.

  8. I'm far less concerned about privacy laws than obstructionist, governmental non-disclosure. If we could see what the government is doing, we might learn a lot. Obama's claim of "transparency" and a bias in favor of disclosure in FOIA matters is patently false. The Dept of Justice, which consistently stiffs Congress, the press and, of course, mere citizens, is the worst offender.

  9. she's like forrest gump, she's in the middle of every disaster

  10. She also is counsel for Duke against the lacrosse players.

  11. This woman just doesn't go away. Not only is she probably the one American most culpable for 9/11, she was also involved in the white wash of the Clinton Administration (and her role there) as a member of the 9/11 commission, and then intimately involved in the financial crisis through her position at Fannie Mae.


  12. Not to mention, she was the one who blocked the FBI from investigating the 9/11 pilots before the attack. Who wrote the infamous "Chinese Wall" policy undermining national security. Who walked off with at least $26mil of taxpayers bailout money from FNMA, after personally pocketing almost a million in the 1998 records-falsification file.

    That's about all you need to know about her integrity and that of her firm, Wilmer-Hale -- also a big al-Qaeda law firm, probably for the Saudi terror-sponsor money.

  13. The corrollary to the Midas Touch: the Gorelick Touch. One caress from her mitts and any object or program turns to crap.

  14. You left out two other key appointments: She was on the 9/11 Commission, and her conflict of interest caused a great kerfuffle between AG Ashcroft and the Commission. A lot of 911 Truthers point to Gorelick and her conflict of interest as reason to doubt the Official Story, something that will feed the nutters forever.

    Finally, she was the attorney for Duke University when it tried to railroad the lacrosse team on the since-discredited rape allegations. Although they were exonerated, those boys were dragged through the mud and their lives forever changed.

    Mistress of Disaster indeed.

  15. Ms. Gorelick has done more harm to this country than any single American in the last 100 years. She is single handedly responsible for the lack of communication between the FBI and CIA leading to 9/11 - over 3,000 Americans murdered by IslamoFascist scum.

    Ms. Gorelick's in her tenure at Fannie Mae made millions while she designed and oversaw the DISASTER or lending money to people who were not financially qualified for mortgages.

    Now, what is she up to? What other damage can she do to our country?

  16. Nothing good can come of this .....