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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Worst. Interview. Ever.

Glenn Beck's just-concluded interview with Eric Massa.

Learned nothing.

Only thing concrete was that Massa is standing by his Rahm-in-the-shower incident. Beck was unable to focus Massa on any other facts; Massa obviously is under a great deal of stress, and there likely were facts to be learned, but not as a result of this interview.

Now Massa can face the sharks. Alone. Like Clinton's "bimbos," who told the truth but in many cases had trouble telling a coherent, beginning-middle-and-end story, and thereby left themselves open to mockery and caricature.

Massa will be beat up in a feeding frenzy of those who wish to make him an object lesson.

And then forgotten.

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  1. I agree. The one moment which rang true was when he said he was tired, that he couldn't fight anymore. But most of the time I felt like I was watching Joe Pesci in "My Cousin Vinny."


  2. I think Glenn was caught off guard that Massa not only recanted his charge that he was being forced out, but he also that he "he owned" the allegations against him....all within about the first two mintues of the interview.

    Beck seemed unprepared and willing to let Massa control the interview. A skilled interviewer would have made minced meat out of Massa. Now I know why Glenn doesn't have an interview talk show format.

  3. I think it was worse than that. The man laughed twice. I think Beck saw fool's gold and didn't do his homework.

  4. His answers were a little on the "Twilight Zone" side -- as if some parasitic entity had control of his words. But I do like the "My Cousin Vinny" comparison!

  5. I was as lost as Beck looked. I am not sure he knew where to go with this interview. It seemed to me that Beck did not trust him. Massa seemed to ramble.

  6. Massa walked back almost everything he said in the Sunday interview. Am I surprised? Not one bit. The news that he's being investigated for something a lot more serious than "salty language" was also no surprise for those of us who live(d) in his district.

    I feel bad for Glenn, because he went out on a limb against good advice, and it snapped. He'll be okay in the end, but his brand has been damaged in the short run. This is exactly what I was afraid would happen.

  7. bluecove: "This is exactly what I was afraid would happen."

    What, that Massa would make a fool of himself? I'm glad Beck had him on so we could all judge for ourselves.

  8. I don't know... massively disappointing in many respects, but the "Tickle Fight for my 50th birthday party" effectively shut the door on Massa forever, so at least that good came from it.

  9. If you escape a feeding frenzy with being beat up, you're not doing too badly.

  10. Beck had said yesterday that he had talked to Massa for 1/2 hour earlier in the day. I think Beck was promised more red meat than Massa decided he was willing to give.

    Odd that a Washington Post article came out just two hours prior to the Beck interview claiming more accusations against Massa (like he "groped" a male staffer). I read the article prior to the interview and said "uh oh" and knew then Massa was going to renig on any deal he made with Beck previously. Checked the first date stamp in the comments section of the WP article and it is 2:59 13 PM today.

    So I ask all of you; if Massa had already resigned, what reason would there be to leak "additional claims" to the WP today since there will now be no ethics investigation? And who leaked the information?

    Seems to me that someone in D.C. was sending a shot across Massa's bow that if he says anymore than he already has, it will be scorch and burn personal destruction for him.

  11. kitty:

    I was afraid that Beck would look like a bit of a fool for rushing into the interview without paying attention to all the people (including Michelle Malkin) who warned him that this guy is a lying sack. IMO, he did look a little foolish. He'll shrug it off, but applying a little of that famous skepticism would have served him much better.


    You have a point; however, I suspect the local ethics investigation will continue, in the media if nowhere else. Some nasty stuff is going to come out, and the self-serving Democrats knew it. If Massa had shut up and gone away, none of this would have happened. Instead, he gave a local interview full of fire and brimstone, and it got picked up by national media. The Democrats didn't destroy him, he destroyed himself.

  12. Massa got his fifteen minutes of fame. Next!

  13. bluecove, Beck did everyone a favor by allowing Massa to expose himself for what he is. No one will ever again wonder about this guy.

  14. Ok. I'll play Devil's Advocate.

    In fairness to Massa, I listened to his radio show he gave on Sunday vs what he said on Beck's show and he's been consistent in his story. He owned up to what, I guess, he felt everything was about. And then went on a rant about his hatred for Rahm and how they wanted him out.

    Although, he did lie about being a centrist and a "fiscal conservative". That's just nonsense.