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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NY Times Finds Something "Buried" So "Deep" I Posted About It Months Ago

I understand, way too long a post title, but I needed to get the point across quickly, so that it was not "buried" from NY Times scrutiny. Here is what The Times wrote yesterday (emphasis mine):

Buried deep in the health care legislation that President Obama signed on Tuesday is a new requirement that will affect any American who walks into a McDonald’s, Starbucks or Burger King. Every big restaurant chain in the nation will now be required to put calorie information on their menus and drive-through signs....

The legislation also requires labels on food items in vending machines, meaning that anybody tempted by a king-size Snickers bar will know up front that it packs 440 calories.

Oh yeah, it was buried really, really deep. Here is part of my post from August 23, 2009, regarding the Senate HELP Committee bill (which became the basis for the final Senate bill), Leave Our Vending Machines Alone:

A good example of how far off course Democrats in Congress have strayed on the issue of health care reform, are provisions in the Senate HELP Committee draft bill creating rules and regulations governing food disclosures at fast food restaurants and in vending machines.

Titled the Affordable Health Choices Act, the Senate draft bill amends the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act to require food nutritional disclosures at fast food restaurants, similar to the disclosures currently required on packaged food. Under section 325 of the Senate bill (starting at p. 399), any fast food chain with 20 locations and a standardized menu would have to display "in a clear and conspicuous manner" nutrition and calorie information....

But what about drive through windows? The information must be displayed on the drive through menu board. Salad bars and buffets? The information must be placed next to each item....

But wait, surely the vending machines of the world are safe from signage. Nope, owners of 20 or more vending machines will have to post signage with the nutritional and caloric content of every item in the vending machine

Welcome to our modern investigative mainstream media, uncovering deep secrets which were exposed long ago in the blogosphere.

Now had there been provisions in the Senate bill regarding wiretapping of al-Qaeda operatives preparing to attack us, somehow I think The Times would have uncovered that secret long ago.

The people at The NY Times need to read my blog more often, or hire me to blog for them so I can call their attention to the obvious before it happens.

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  1. Yep, they're late to the plate (as it were) on this and on every story that sheds real light on the truth. They'll be "uncovering" all sorts of things in the days and weeks to come, I'm sure. Wonder when they'll "uncover" all the money going to "translation" services and teaching English as part of healthcare?

    And hey, you already have a job. They can hire me. :p

  2. Is it time for civil disobedience yet? Plus a generous helping of jury nullification?

  3. Maybe these crackerjack journalists will continue their quest to inform the American Public by writing an expose on how discouraging people from eating at retail food establishments means lower revenue for said establishments which equals a decreased need for labor which then (get ready, this is a shocker) leads to job loss. Carrying this a few steps further, lowered sales also means lowered need to buy products, goods and services from other suppliers. What does that mean, kids? Yep. Job loss for the people at the factories that make the paper products for wrappers and napkins (and condiment packs, etc - listening Food and Commercial Worker's union?); Less work for the truck drivers who deliver the products (listening, Teamsters?)and less work for the meat packing plants, less work for the produce suppliers, less work for the migrant farmer who picks the tomatoes that go on that burger and into the ketchup. Aren't these groups who will be so very affected the same ones the Dems pretend to be the voice of? Makes you wonder. Or at least it should.

  4. The New York Times couldn't find a scoop if it was in a bowl of Ice Cream. Good for you Mr. Jacobson.

  5. Here are reasons to repeal obamacare:

    The UN loves obamacare
    16,000 new IRS agents to force you to pay
    No money for doctors or nurses
    Taxes on anything considered a 'medical device'
    Tampons are a 'medical device'
    Many, many taxes, fees, new agencies to be created
    Your medical records are NO LONGER private
    Taxpayer funded abortion for all

    And as far as violence from the Right:

    We put up with stinking hippies for decades marching and burning in the streets. This president launched his career in the livingroom of two terrorists.
    I wonder how many professors down in Cornell were all for violence and civil disobedience when it was their side doing it? How many were personally involved?
    If the Right starts marching this summer, payback's gonna be a bitch.

  6. Just wait- the giddy Dems are already drunk with power on their latest triumph. Will a health-conscious "calorie budget" that tracks citizen intake of "bad" food be far behind?

  7. I remember getting dusted for my comments when this was first mentioned because people did not understand the points that I was making.

    I still think that "ingredients" need to be listed somewhere and that is because people have allergies etc associated with food. My comment is not associated with Snickers or Mars bars or the like... hey we all know that they are sugar laden... right? And it is our right to eat an occasional snack bar if we so desire.

    What I originally tried to point out is that the listing of ingredients is done in various ways in certain venues including the AMTRAK trains both east and west coast. My original point was having a go at the AMTRAK staff on the west coast because of their lack of co-operation of some issues. I maintain my point for the very reason that whoever provides food for the AMTRAK trains has an option for things like tomatoes (the thing that makes me vomit)they do not have to use sliced large tomatoes if they were prepackaged as claimed. They can use cherry tomatoes. These of course can be in the salad and not put people like myself at the risk of vomiting. At least in the snack car there is a board that shows the ingredients so that you can make choices to avoid the situation. Again this was my whole point. Also, on the way home to Australia I had to starve (well at least not eat the meal they provided - we ate at the normal time) because the food on board was totally unsuitable. Other than toast there was nothing I could eat and on an aircraft the passenger is captive to the supplied menu.

    I agree that it is not the Federal Government's business to make these determinations for others. This is micro-management at its worst.

    As for obesity, there are more reasons than junk food that is the cause. Plus that stupid BMI is totally meaningless.