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Monday, March 15, 2010

What If You Threw A Coffee Party, And Mostly Middle-Aged White Males Showed Up?

AOL News followed the March 13 Coffee Parties, and here is what it found:

AOL News had correspondents at four of the gatherings -- in Bethalto, Ill. (a village near the Missouri border), the college town of Corvallis, Ore., Omaha, Neb., and Orlando, Fla. Their reports -- though obviously not a scientific sampling -- provide a composite portrait of the Coffee Party's early recruits....

Attendance: From a low of eight in Corvallis, Ore., to a high of 41 in Orlando.

Average Age: 48.45

Gender and Racial Breakdown: The crowds at the four events our correspondents attended were predominately white and roughly 60 percent male.

Look at the photos of the coffee parties, notice something (mostly) missing?

Does this reflect racial hostility? Absolutely not.

Why isn't MSNBC going crazy over the "white" crowds. Why isn't blogger SEK counting non-white faces?

Because the race card only works in one direction.

Update: Maybe the silence is because progressive bloggers have the same problem, just younger.

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  1. "Because the race card only works in one direction."

    Just so.

  2. There's a good reason the Tea Party movement is populated overwhelmingly by white people. The last time I checked, Obama had something like a 97 approval rating among blacks.

  3. Some would start a tickle fight and the rest would go snorkeling.

  4. MSM calculus:
    Eight Coffee Party members equals twenty-thousand Tea Party members.

  5. Hey, please, give them some credit that at least someone showed up. Lefties don't have to show up they have just have to care very very deeply and that's enough for them. Its very hard work to care. And that's why there weren't that of them.

  6. I loved how the Portland (OR) Coffee Party declared that 19 people was a great success.

    I organized a 30th birthday party with 30 attendees on Sunday... it was a greater success.

  7. If you want to see some serious lack of melanin, go to any environmentalist protest...

  8. The San Diego coffee party had a turn out of 78 people, more or less. Some video and commentary is available on The Liberator Today. But the racial demos were not different than that reported in your post, with perhaps a few more women.

  9. Let me get this straight. The total of all the coffee parties was less than the average of one big tea party gathering?

    Not hard to believe when your leader's poll numbers are flirting with the 30% range.

  10. They'd do better if they called it the Pot Party.

  11. "There's a good reason the Tea Party movement is populated overwhelmingly by white people. The last time I checked, Obama had something like a 97 approval rating among blacks."

    Well, photos of last April's Tea Party rally in Seattle show a couple of African-Americans with pretty ingenious anti-Obama-socialist signs, and a former Georgia Congresswoman (yes, AA) was a featured speaker.

    Not to mention a pretty determined Asian contingent as well.

  12. What this really indicates is that it's only white, middle-aged Americans who care enough about politics, on Either side, to go to these darn things. (I am a white, middle-aged person myself, and I know!)

  13. Mukerji that was HILarious.

    The Coffee Party in my area of VA did have, oh, roughly one-third maybe (?) black persons in the dozen who showed up. I don't have an exact # because, like most people, I forget to notice b/c I don't give a sh** about skin color. Liberals are the ones obsessed with skin color.

  14. What people tend to forget in all this skin-tone talk is that America is still overwhelmingly white, so at any given time in many areas a gathering that is not focused on an issue specific to race, the majority of turnout WILL be white, unless the preponderance of the city's population isn't white.

    As of 2008, here are 282 million people who consider themselves white.

    There are 46 million who consider themselves Hispanic and 37 million who consider themselves black.

    So yea, D'OH, it's pretty likely that there's going to be white people at any large (or even not so large) gatherings in the vast majority of America.

  15. ...because the Coffee Party isn't screaming down debaters, toting guns, and slinging racial and homophobic epithets at Congressmen. Until the Coffee Party does something radical, the News isn't going to care much.