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Friday, March 19, 2010

So Many Lies, So Little Time

The lies behind the Obamacare push resemble birds flocking together and fish swimming in schools. By throwing forward so many falsehoods as to the supposed benefits of Obamacare, it confuses attackers and makes it harder to isolate any one lie.

Firedoglake, which stands almost alone in exposing Obamacare from the left, has put together a very useful chart of all the lies (embed below). These lies are lies regardless of whether one approaches the monstrosity known as Obamacare from the principled left or the principled right.

The truth doesn't come in left or right, and the truth is that there are so many lies behind Obamacare that we are on the verge of the single biggest mistake since we elected Obama in the first place.
Fire Dog Lake - Health Care Bill Myths

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  1. Great chart! From FireDogLake? Wow!

  2. Mr. Obama, tear down this bill!

  3. Reading the comments on that website is so much fun. The comments for the following article on "Teabaggers" made repeated mention to liberals operating on facts (rather than emotion) without a single (accurate) fact.

  4. I wouldn't be so worried if I wasn't paying attention to Obama et all. Meaning, their lies are so outrageous, "Won't cost a thing!" "We're going to defeat death!" that you just know something's going on, either ignorance or evil. But which is better to bet on?

  5. So there are problems. The chart memtioned three times how helpful a public option would be. Why would anyone be against that? I don't like this bill, but the lies and deceptions put out by the right forced me to support it. Plus no one, in the years I have alive, ever put up a proposal to cover the uninsured, which for a westernized county, makes us seem small, puny, and uncaring.

  6. Hey, Buck. I have a plan to cover the uninsured. You go out, find someone without insurance, and pay for it yourself. Oh wait...you would prefer that somebody else do that for you. That's OK, but please don't lecture us about your morally superiority. That just makes you seem small, puny and uncaring.

  7. The Dems have scheduled the vote for Sunday.

    That means they have the votes.

    Bend over and take it.

  8. What you're trying to ram down the throats of the American people, the continuation of the insurance takeover of health care, is totally unacceptable. Your ramming down my throat your distorted view, that an insurance company bureaucrat should remain wedged between me and my physician, with the insurance company bureaucrat, not the physician, making my medical decisions is ridiculous. Your siding with insurance company profits ahead of the American people is unpatriotic, traitorous, and unAmerican. This is why, despite the fact that it does not go nearly far enough, that I support health care reform, and totally reject the insurance takeover of health care that Republicans want. Tell Republicans that you want a health care bill that lets physicians and patients, not insurance company bureaucrats, make your medical decisions. Tell Republicans that we cannot afford the insurance run and insurance rationed health care system, with astronomical rate increases, which Republicans want any more.

  9. Buck and John, I am constantly amazed how people on the left cannot come up with anything original. You both sound like a DNC commercial and have nothing but talking points fed to you by the Democrats.

    Maybe it is time for both of you to have a reality check, although I doubt it will sink in.

    You complain about the profit by evil health insurance providers. Well, it's about 4%. Not very much in the business world. Yet, I doubt that you complain about the profit made by CokaCola, which is 18% or the profit made every time you buy a beer, which is 22%.

    You say some insurance bureaucrat will get between you and your doctor, but I guess you perfer that the bureaucrat that will get between you and your doctor (if this travesty of a bill passes) will have their offices located in the Congressial Office Building. Are you really so clueless that you think they won't?

    I know both of you probably think that health care is a right, and not a commodity, which it really is. Then let me explain it to you; you do not have the "right" to the services of others and that is what you are demanding, that doctors, lab technicians, nurses and hospital administrators all be required to treat you, no matter what.

    Here is what you do have a right to:
    to do what it takes to earn enough money to pay for your own health care, and not be a burden to other citizens. You have a right to seek a job, save your money, buy insurance like everyone else.

    You have no "right" to health care based on the fact that you think you should be given something for nothing. You cannot live without water, yet, unless you live on a farm, on in the country with your own well, you pay for water. You cannot live without food, yet I am sure you probably buy your own food.

    So what is next? Do you want to nationalize all grocers so that you can have access to the food the sell at a cheaper cost (which this bill does not do)?

    I am sick to death of people like you who have only one real thought:

    you exist, therefore you deserve.

  10. Seems a lot of trolls and eeyores are coming to visit you, Prof. Jacobson. They must know you are spreading the truth. Woo hoo!

    Great job, as always, sir. Thanks for sharing the "fact check" that the MSM won't do (and for taking the brave plunge to read FireDogLake!). Kudos!

  11. excellent post. I'm going to link it to my site.

    This whole experience is like watching the novel I wrote come to life REVOLT www.revoltthebook.com

    I wrote the political thriller originally in 1997 as an exercise into describing how bad the country had to be before a rogue President could overthrow it. I got about everything right, including the narcissist President, a corrupt congress and a complaint media. Right now I'm experiencing a nightmarish period of deja vu.

    Only fools and zealots like Pelosi can think they can do what they are doing without suffering serious blow back.

    God help us.

  12. Excellent post! I think there could be more common sense on the left than I thought! If we can just convince them that government can't take the place of God, we might actually be able to agree on many things. Thanks for that.

  13. How so many--even talking head progressives--suddenly came around to support this bill over the past two or three weeks, is unfathomable.

    It's quite clearly an "insurance industry bailout" and lies neither on the road to the misguided single-payer program, nor toward a freer health insurance market.

    Unbelievable. And it's looking like they're going to pass it. If Republicans *don't* campaign on repeal, obstruction, and general resistance to these poor economic, not to mention extraconstitutional, policies, I'm not sure the American voter is ready to trust anyone.