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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hors Catégorie

(Image via Voting Female)

Title translation here.

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  1. haha VotingFemale sure does have a nose for finding pics that defy catagorization. Classic!

  2. Une contradiction dans les termes?

    Une photo de l'opposition au drag?

  3. Une photo de l'opposition habillé en travesti?

    (A photo of the opposition in drag?)

  4. Thanks for the link explaining the title. Given the picture, I figured it meant "Category: Whores".

  5. I'm with malclave. With those three, it would have been more apt!

  6. Looks for all the world like a aging priest saying humbly that he didn't know how in hell that law passed - it was a miracle. When suddenly, the messiah and one of his female followers on steroids appear to comfort him - or perhaps to carry him off.