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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Americans Are Up For The Fight

From a CBS News poll released today, a clear majority of Americans want Republicans to keep fighting Obamacare:

All the euphoria and giddiness from the Democrats and nutroots should not deter us from fighting this monstrosity, this abysmal, stunted, grotesque, freakish, ... (I'm running out of descriptors here, help me out) sorry excuse for legislation.

Update 3-25-2010: Rasmussen new poll shows similar results, 55% Favor Repeal of Health Care Bill.

(h/t to HotAir for both polls)

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  1. This is good news but how do we reconcile this with the USA Today/Gallup poll that essentially says the opposite? http://www.usatoday.com/news/washington/2010-03-23-health-poll-favorable_N.htm

    Polls can sometimes be a funny thing.

  2. We have to keep up our intensity for 2+ years. The Republicans have to be as scared of us as the Democrats when they get back into power. They have to repeal this bill, and then replace it with something worthwhile, there is no other option.

  3. Overstuffed, corpulent, pinguiferous, presumptive, grasping, avulsive, baleful, execrative, overreaching . . .

  4. There is no methodology shown for the USA today poll. It just says they surveyed 1005 adults.

  5. I love how I have been telling people not to give up, that we can repeal this, etc. etc. and how I was laughed at (literally), flamed, etc.

    That's fine. I'm just glad people are now engaged.

    we'll win.

  6. NEVER EVER trust USA Today. Their polling is atrocious.
    Next, if you want this to stop, donate to, support and vote into office Conservatives this November. Tell them nothing short of a total REPEAL of this horror (there's a descriptor for you, Professor!) will do.

  7. Wow. 41% of Democrats want Republicans to continue the fight. That's great news.

  8. What better battlecry in 2012? He's going to have to defend this bill for the rest of his presidency simply because of all the ridiculous stuff that's in it. Now his "playbook" on fundamentally transforming America requires him to go full steam ahead on more radical things like cap and trade, legalizing illegal aliens, more control of Wall Street and the banks but WE won't let him. The courts and states won't let him. After November, hopefully, a Republican House won't let him and a Senate without 60 votes won't let him. Too bad for him that his "crowning achievment" was to stuff it to the majority of Americans, expose what Democrats have become, and tax the workforce and businesses into submission. There can't possibly be many jobs created from now till then simply because of what he and the Democrats did.

  9. Good because it's coming.


    Sooner or later, someone is going to say no. What the government does will define the nation for a hundred years.

  10. I really didn't think the polls would change from one day to the next just because they passed the dang thing. Did you?

  11. MAB&WALL

    Just might be that the Dems also detest the ridiculous grotesque miscarriage of the doucherina-in-charge & her orcs/LOTR deformed nutroot sports-of-nature and want this abortion throttled before it infects the country---that and some of course want to see the GOP fall on its sword fighting the good fight, something the average crimelord in the DNC wouldn't imagine doing in a thousand years.

  12. I think that the 62 percent number is flawed. The majority of the 41% of Democrats who think Republicans should continue to fight Obamacare probably are not doing so because they want it repealed - they are probably doing it because they think it will help Democrats in November.

    So, 62% is probably higher than it should be. However, even if that number is too high, it is clear that a majority of this country wants the Republicans to fight to repeal Obamacare. So, Republicans need to continue to listen to the will of the people.

  13. Yesterday I saw patients whose ages ranged from 70 to into their 80's. Several of them pulled me asided, without prompting and indicated that they knew their lives were coming to an end. They felt their deaths would be better served by fighting (and dying in the process) the people in Washington. These are the same people that fought in Korea, many have war tells when they are not a mad. It seems strange that we have come to this. What do you say to exclamations of violence when we are dienfranchised, no one listens or cares, the whole process has been brought down to the worst of political maneuvering, and there are no real options left for restoration of liberty?

  14. It appears to me that a 'Legal Insurrection', is in order.