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Friday, March 26, 2010

Friends of Israel, We Have A Problem

From Nile Gardiner at The Telegraph (h/t Gateway Pundit via Instapundit), on the destructive Obama foreign policy:

I wrote recently about Barack Obama’s sneering contempt for both Israel and Great Britain. Further confirmation of this was provided today with new details emerging regarding the President’s appalling reception for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House earlier this week....

The ritual humiliation of the Israelis is an absolute disgrace, and yet another example of how the Obama administration views its allies with indifference, contempt, and at times outright hostility. It is extraordinary how far the Obama team has gone out of its way to grovel to state sponsors of terrorism, such as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Muammar Gaddafi, while kicking America’s friends in the teeth.

Israel is literally fighting for its survival on a daily basis against an array of vicious terrorist groups, from Hamas to Hizbollah, while facing a looming threat from a genocidal, nuclear-armed Iran. President Obama’s top priority in the Middle East should be preventing Iran from building a nuclear weapons programme. Instead he seems obsessed with kowtowing to America’s enemies by bashing Israel at almost every opportunity.

This is a foreign policy doctrine that is both destructive and fundamentally against the US national interest. The future security of the United States rests not upon the degree to which it can appease her enemies, but upon the strength of her enduring alliances with the rest of the free world. Israel needs Washington’s support and vice versa, not a slap in the face from a president whose idea of world leadership seems to consist largely of apologising for his country while throwing America’s friends to the wolves.

We have a problem here. No reason to deny it anymore.

It's not an issue of a secret agenda. There was no secret either during the campaign or afterwards.

Redistribution of power always has been and still is the Obama agenda, at home and abroad.

The only difference is that former Obamamaniacs are finally waking up to the reality.

Update: Obama’s full-court press on Israel ("So there are absolutely no demands of the Palestinians at all, and nothing but demands of the Israelis.")

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  1. In Michael Barone's book on England's Glorious Revolution, he explains how the strategy of William of Orange (aided by Churchill's anscestor, John Churchill), developed a policy of defeating hegamonic powers that last to today(or so we thought) in America's foreign policies. From what I remember, the Netherlands was a tiny country facing threats from France's King Louis XIV.

    Isreal is a tiny country, about 45 miles wide x 100 miles long without natural geographic defenses. Their survival does depend on our alliance and so too, does our security depend on Isreal's existance. While intellectural pursuits are interesting their conclusions are subject to change. Physical destruction is final. The Israelis understand the difference.

  2. I'm so glad to have a president that happily bows to the king of Saudi Arabia but walks out on the prime minister of Israel. Change we can believe in, indeed.

  3. I see it a bit differently. I feel that Israel has spat at the US by their defiance.

    Are you aware of the atrocities committed to innocent Palestinians by the Israel Army when they are sent in to evacuate and destroy their homes and lives? I have read of the deliberate destruction of art and books, including defecation upon them. Do you think this humiliation does anything to help relations between Israel and Hamas? Israel needs to be put in their place through "tough love". I do not want my government aiding and abetting this type of sacrilege.

  4. I'm from Chicago, and Obama did everything but take out an ad in the paper announcing his marxist views. An old adage has always proved true and that is, "you're known by the company you keep." Obama has and continues to be surrounded by socialist/marxist believers. I believe he is, like most of his ilk, a bigot in his dislike of Jews, and he will not stop until America is another 3rd world country. We must stop him, and soon.

  5. Tonsofwash, where did you hear of such atrocities, The Palestinian Times? Obama's treatment of Israel is aiding and abetting Hamas. How do you feel about that?

  6. Tonsofwash, the propaganda from the Palestinians is appalling. I somehow don't believe that the Israelis are engaged in barbaric, random and unprovoked attacks on innocents. Our soldiers have been accused of doing similar acts and this is all leftist agitprop used by our enemies to smear their opponents in order to sway public opinion and turn the tide in favor of our adversaries.

  7. You can also put me on the sadly too short list of Republicans that think Israel gets far too much attention from America. I just read that they're looking for us to fund a whole new fleet of fighter jets. Not finance, fund. Hello - we're bankrupt. We shouldn't be sending them a single public dime.

    I also think they need to figure out some way to get along with their neighbors and leave us out of it.

  8. Angela- you are aware that any military aid given to Israel by the United States has to be spent in the United States. It is basically a make work program for US military industrial companies, so stop crying about us being broke. It is just another form of a stimulus package that this Congress is so fond of. The democrats are the ones who like government money spent on the economy so you should be happy by the amount of this new make-work project.Oh by the way, we wouldn't be broke if the morons in Congress hadn't thrown our money down the tubes on a phoney stimulus package that has not created one major project,but seems to have saved jobs of those who supported Obama. No the lost stimulus does not include the bank bailouts, because surprise,surprise that money gets paid back with interest, but it was the Obama adminsitration that wouldn't take any of the money back until recently.

    I am not quite sure who Israel is supposed to get along with. If your neighbors call for genocide against you and reaffirm their right to murder your children are you going to lay down your weapons and take a chance? Maybe your children aren't important to you but believe you me, I know that anyone coming at my children will end up with a hole in their gut. Sometimes things are not a matter of "they just don't understand each other." There are people in this world that are plain evil, heck even Obama acknowledged as much in his speech to the Nobel Committee.

    As far as Obama, he is a laughing stock around the world. America is thought of less today than at anytime in recent history. Our allies do not trust us and our enemeies think we are governed by a fool. Israel will have nothing to loose by taking care of itself. Let Obama rail at Netanyahu, you don't think he can take it. Let Obama act like a spoiled child who is not getting his way. You don't give into a bratty child and you don't give into an ignorant anti-semitic man just because he happens to be President of the United States.

  9. Angela-just so you know that any money given to Israel to fund military weaponry has to be spent inthe United States. it is basically a make work program for the Military industrial companies in this country, thereby saving thousands of American jobs, and considering what crap this government spend its money on, shoring up an allie that forms the bulwark against those that want to destroy this country is not so bad.

    Yes destroy this country. Not becuase we support Israel, but becuase we are America. We were attacked on 9/11 because we had troops protecting the Saudis not becuase we gave money and support to Israel. Recognize that they see us as the Great Satan because we believe in democracy,that we cannot murder our daughters in honor killings, that female gential circumscicion is a crime, that homosexuals are people and that all religions are to be treated as equals.

    As far as Israel getting along with its neightbors, I don't know about you but if someone calls for the murder of my children,as Israel's neightbors do, I am not interested in talking to them.What is there to negotiate? How they murder my children? This isn't a neighborhood misunderstanding about a white picket fence. This is hard and cold geopolitics and religious hatred. The same hatred by the way,that flew those places into the World Trade Center, Pentagon and into a field in Pennsylvania.

    Lastly, I am not worried about Obama not being nice to Netanyahu.Netanyahu is a big boy and can handle himself. Israel will also do what it needs to do in order to take care of herself. Obama has made the United States look a fool around the world. He has abandoned our allies, not just Israel, and is seen as a weakling in the third world. Just because such an individual throws a temper tantrum does not mean you give him what he wants. You treat him like the anti-semitic individual he is and no more give into him than you would any spoiled narcissistic brat.

  10. Angela wrote:

    "...they need to figure out some way to get along with their neighbors and leave us out of it."

    Sadly, Angela, the only way they will be able to get along with their neighbors is to die, or leave. Their very presence in the Middle East flies in the teeth of jihad.

    You see, Islam aims at world domination; that's their version of evangelism. The presence of a non-Muslim state within the home territory of Islam tells them, loud and clear, "You're nowhere near accomplishing the will of Allah." That is why they remain so adamant on driving Israel into the sea regardless of what concessions are given, and why 2-state solutions (there have been 4 in the past century) never satisfy them.

    That is also why defense of Israel coincides with defense of the West. Once Islamic nations have secured complete domination of their home turf, they will turn their attention outward. Defending Israel is the first line of defense in defending the US.

  11. Angela, if your neighbor was Ted Bundy, would be comfortable inviting him over for a beer summit?

  12. Our involvement in Israel is not rooted in pure altruism. We have very important national interests in the Middle East and we benefit greatly from having a staunch ally like Israel.

    Had we been honest from the beginning about why we fought in Iraq (oil), we would not today be finding ourselves watching China scooping the same Iraqi oil we fought for. It would have been our oil but for having to prove today that it is not why we fought that war.

  13. Tonsilwash: you're regurgitating total propaganda. Indeed, you've got the facts upside down. It was the Palestinians who fecally anointed the temples and razed the agricultural legacy of the Israelis when they reoccupied abandoned territory and the Gaza. But you're not listening, I think.

    Yes, Obama despises the Israelis, as most every academic leftist does. For him to preside over the socialization of healthcare and the destruction of Israel would be a triumphant presidential twofer. He longs for the day when Israel simply is no more.

  14. I find it interesting when Americans pass judgment on Israel for retaliating to Palestinian attacks. How long do you think it would take for the US to react to missiles being launched from Mexico and how devastating do you think the retaliation would be? If Mexico kept it up, how long do you think Mexico would exist?

    Granted, with Obama in the White House, Mexico would receive a stern letter, followed by an apology, but I'm talking about normal times.