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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Count Frankula's Blood Lust

Frank Rich has a blood lust as do many of those pushing the false meme that opposition to Obama equals racism and violence, as witnessed by Rich's latest polemic in the NY Times today, The Rage Is Not About Health Care.

As happened with the Bill Sparkman "murder" (turned out to be suicide), the Amy Bishop shooting, the IRS Plane Crasher, the Fort Hood attack, and the Pentagon shooter, mainstream media types like Rich desperately want there to be blood on the ground attributable to Tea Partiers or other Obama opponents to give substance to their self-generated racial hysteria.

But it hasn't happened, and hopefully never will happen.

So instead Rich invents supposed widescale violence from what amounts to a handful of anonymous threats or acts of vandalism which were just as much directed at Republicans as at Democrats.

Michelle Malkin Doug Powers has it right:

Frank Rich and Friends have more in common with what they accuse tea partiers of being than with the civil rights pioneers whose principles they claim to be standing up for—people who endured similar baseless blanket statements, idiotic and ignorant stereotypes, generalizations, false accusations and yes, even sophomoric homophobic slurs.

Some of us, regardless of our color or sexual orientation, aren’t going to watch our country turned into yet another failed socialist utopia on the ash heap of history without saying a word about it — regardless of the color or sexual orientation of those who are trying to do so. If the only “logical” rebuttal Frank Rich has to people concerned for the future of their children is “racism,” then I’m more positive than ever that I’ve chosen the correct side.

The days of people like Frank Rich having the only say-so are over, and that's what Frank Rich and the MSM fear most.

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  1. Inasmuch as the left now enjoys the control of the state and its instruments of coercion, why wouldn't it be eager to manufacture "incidents"?

  2. What Republicans were the targets of violence coming from the left during and following passage of health care legislation? Eric Cantor has been dropped from the list.

  3. The left always accuse others of the very things they themselves do. It's called projection.

  4. Hypocracy is abounds, but then it always has.

  5. As we speak, the feds are conducting raids against "Christian militia" in MI, OH, IN.


    Yeah, they'll link this somehow to the Tea Party.

  6. pasadenaphil is right.

    He who controls the message controls the truth. Mao taught this, Hitler, Lenin, Mussolini, and now Chavez all follow the same theory. I wrote about this and find it a little scary that it is coming true. (www.revoltthebook.com)

    At first the FBI will put up legitimate bad guys as examples to con the public into trusting their word. But the more political targets will come later. Do not think you are safe. Obama's people love the things Chavez is doing to the media now. Here is my post. It references the report from the OAS. There is part of the law concerning speech noted there. It is indeed scary and you will see it here before long.

    “and the interpretation of them by Conatel has expanded the scope of these norms, instead of
    limiting them. This issue will be explained in detail in the following paragraphs.

    a. Article 29 of the Law on Social Responsibility in Radio and Television

    According to Article 29 of the Law on Social Responsibility, providers of television
    and radio services that “promote, advocate, or incite to war; promote, advocate, or incite alterations of the public order; promote, advocate, or incite crime; are discriminatory; promote religious intolerance; [or] are contrary to the security of the Nation” can be sanctioned with the suspension of
    their qualifications for 72 hours or their revocation for a period of up to five years in the case of recidivism.311″
    Nice. Translated that means if they want to say you violated the law, you did and they'll jail you.

    Welcome to the future America.