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Saturday, March 13, 2010

One Word Could Have Saved Eric Massa

Ok, so Eric Massa has issues. But sometimes people with issues are correct.

As we roll towards the latest deadline to pass Obamacare, it is clear that Massa's departure at this moment in time was a result of his vocal willingness to vote against the Democratic leadership.

Massa's first explanation for his departure was that he was forced out because of his opposition to Obamacare. Massa then backtracked, and blamed his departure on his own bizarre conduct including the now infamous "tickle fights."

In the days since the scandal broke, it has become clear that top Democratic leaders, including Nancy Pelosi and Stenny Hoyer, knew about Massa's tickle fetish for months. Considering all the misconduct in Washington which is brushed aside or covered up for favored politicians, it is hard to believe that the leaks were not strategic.

Timing is everything. Only recently, when it became clear that a single vote in the House may be the difference, was there a whispering campaign and leaks about Massa.

Massa's departure has made it easier for Nancy Pelosi to get the necessary votes because the vote will be that close. If Obamacare passes later this week, as Pelosi is predicting, the departure of Eric Massa may be the reason.

Eric Massa may be paranoid, but that does not change the truth that people in the Democratic Party who wanted to pass Obamacare really did hate him.

Ask yourself this question: If Eric Massa had announced that he would vote "Yes" on Obamacare, would he still be in Congress?

Yeah, like I said.

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  1. Always question the timing. Hopefully there will be a REAL ethics investigation into San Fran Nan: what did she know and when did she know it?

  2. Methinks you may have stumbled onto a Great Truth.

  3. In my opinion:Pelosi knew and held Massa's questionable conduct over his head for a "yes" vote. Too bad he couldn't have just fessed up and told us, plain and simple, that Pelosi was blackmailing him for his vote?

  4. Interesting to note that once again, homosexual activities are going to bring down the nation. Foley's gay dalliances undid the Republican Congress, setting the state for Pelosi's rise to power. Now Massa.

  5. We're on the same page with this one. Click on my blog, Plumwood Road, and read The Carrot and the Stick...Massa got the stick.