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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Union Teacher Hangs Obama In Effigy

Barack Obama backed the decision of the Central Falls School District in Rhode Island to fire all teachers at its underperforming high school, much to the anger of teachers' unions.

Now a teacher at the school has hung Obama in effigy:

Responding to a rumor that one of the terminated teachers at Central Falls High School had hung a doll representing President Obama in effigy in his classroom, school Supt. Frances Gallo went to the school after hours on Monday to investigate.

In a classroom on the second floor, she found the doll hanging upside down.

A spokeswoman for the Central Falls School Department said Gallo immediately removed the doll, reported the incident to "the appropriate authorities and the proper disciplinary actions have been taken," although no details of these steps were given, citing personnel reasons.

Gallo also declined to identify the teacher.

In a statement, Gallo said she would work to ensure incidents like this will not be repeated.

"This was an ill-conceived, imprudent act that has upset the lives of some of our students," Gallo said.[*]

Can you imagine the uproar if anyone associated with the Tea Party movement had done this. The screams of "racist" would be flooding the blogosphere, and the columnists at the NY Times would be wondering whether we were on the verge of violence.

*Note: The quote has been changed from the original post to reflect an updated report in the link.

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  1. Well, most members of the teachers union are Democrats and, let's face it, the Democrat party founded the Ku Klux Klan. I guess racism is so ingrained into the collective Democrat psyche that blatant racism such as lynching the president in effigy are just kind of accepted. "Well, he is a Democrat and it's what we do," they probably think to themselves. I guess the Kluckers over at the Bull Connor party just expect better from the party of Lincoln.

  2. The message, obviously, is that all union members (especially teachers) are raaaaacist.

    Isn't that how this works?

  3. Slight off topic, but the Real Clear Politics President Obama Job Approval chart has gone negative for the first time (-.05). Real Clear Politics does a rolling average of polls - the red line (disapprove) has now crossed the black line (approve).


  4. This incident 'ruined the lives of students'? Oh give me a break! Maybe they all need counselors now? Maybe they need lots of money to take away the 'pain'.

    Our whole country is in an uproar, and we all need to take a deep breath, a step back, and calm down.

  5. This is so frightening. Sounds like a teacher that definitely should not be in the classroom. Certainly unacceptable because it is a threat on the life of the president. She needs to be prosecuted. And no, Linda, I don't need to calm down. Racism makes me darned angry..

  6. Malclave:

    No, I think the message was that this kind of shinanigans is more symbolic of anger these days, and also that usually the first charge the media has is that it MUST be one of those Tea Partier Terrorist outfits that GE News (MSNBC) says is trouble.

  7. If you throw out RealClearPolitics' oldest survey [from 3/3 to 3/8) then Obama's down 46.2 to 48.2, a clear 2 point margin. I wonder how low he can go?

  8. Well, what are they going to do? Fire the teacher?

  9. By all means Susan, don't calm down. You probably don't even know what 'calm' feels like, do you? How many years have you been walking around with that Self-Righteous-O-Meter pegged?

    Obama backed the heavy-handed (though agreeable to me) tactic of firing an entire school's worth of teachers. In anger one teacher hanged an effigy of him. I see a bit of misguided idiocy...for sure. But no racism. And no threat to his life.

    But you go ahead and stay darned angry if it suits you.

    Or maybe you're joking. Dang internets...sometimes sarcasm and irony is soooo hard to judge.

  10. "Obama backed the heavy-handed (though agreeable to me) tactic of firing an entire school's worth of teachers. In anger one teacher hanged an effigy of him. I see a bit of misguided idiocy...for sure. But no racism. And no threat to his life."

    That about sums it up. People in that hurry to push the race button would naturally be all over this. One has to look at the *reason* for the effigy burning and realize that race was not a factor at all. Could have just as easily been Carter.

  11. In backing the firing of all of the teachers in the RI school, Obama was again backing extreme measures - like health care, taking over education, slamming Israel before reviewing the facts, etc. He is losing not gaining through these kinds of tactics. He IS coming across as a dictator. However, his obsession with health care is going to have him hung in effigy all over the Middle East and other parts of the world he has ignored to obsess with the passage of health care reform. After all this is major step one in bringing down this country. All roads, even the seemingly insignificant ones running through RI, lead to Rome on the Potomac.