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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What We Always Knew To Be True

It always has been about control, not health care.

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  1. The inconvenience of control. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

  2. This has always scared me. I am a paralegal and specilize in personal injury, civil litigation. Therefore, I have to disect medical records and depositions in A LOT of medical cases and worker's comp. cases. People's medical records are not safe! Those releases you MUST sign prior to treatment in Dr's offices and hospitals do not say your records will be private! Also now with the law being that med records MUST be electronic, I also work at home doing transcription for hospitals and MD's for extra money. I'm a paralegal, but I don't have a code of ethics to adhere to! I have my own morals and ethics and would NEVER disclose or divulge anything to anyone about what I come across. But the general public really doesn't know where their records go and who sees them! This is a very dangerous intrusion into privacy! I fear for my own records! This new "law" Obama passed is terrible and we will eventually be controlled by it! The cross-referencing will intrude into your life like you cannot imagine! Imagine you are obese and go to the store for Twinkies...all of a sudden at checkout you will find a surcharge on your purchase because what you are trying to buy will cost everyone else in your future medical care. Or you will be reminded that you are supposed to be eating healthier and you won't be allowed to make the purchase...it will be deemed dangerous to you - and hey, you just don't know any better, right? This may sould like "black helicopter" stuff, but it's really not!

  3. You're exactly right, and no one should be surprised by his comments. I hear people ask a lot, "what is in it for Democrats to get this bill passed? Why are they so bound and determined to force this bill through?

  4. Meant to post the above comment under this "profile." Sorry, I'm new at commenting like this, I'm used to just entering my email address and website address and then posting.

  5. The White House actually gave the game away with their "final" talking points, which were featured by Talking Points Memo (TPM) on their site several days ago. They were apparently given an exclusive copy of the 14-pager.

    TPM specifically noted therein the considerable number of times the word appeared in the Obama talking points -- "The word "control" appears several times in the talking points ..." they said.

    But they thought it was all about "control" of insurance companies.

    To me, Dingell's latest "blurt" was essentially a case of him singing the White House chorus for them, and he got just a little too close (from their point of view) to the real heart of the matter.

    Control of people and how they manage their lives is precisely what they are about.

    By the way, Dingell is in my opinion a thoroughly dishonest broker. For example, in that radio interview he also said, among other things, that Republicans "have contributed nothing to this and made no offers whatsoever at to what it is they want or what they stand for."