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Friday, March 26, 2010

Hamas Responds To Obama By Killing Two Israeli Soldiers

Here is how Hamas has responded to Obama's peace initiative (i.e., humiliation of Netanyahu and contrived crisis):

A Hamas cross-border attack on Israeli forces outside Kissufim Friday, March 26, killed an officer, Maj. Eliraz Peretz, Dep. Commander of Golani Battalion 12, 31, from Eli and 1st Sgt. Ilan Seviatsovsky, 21, from Ofrah. Two Israeli soldiers were also injured in the heavy fighting which followed when an Israeli tank and artillery force which crossed in to shell the attackers was ambushed by a second Hamas unit firing anti-tank weapons and bombs. Israeli helicopter gunships were sent in as the battle escalated into the heaviest Israel-Hamas engagement since Israel's Cast Lead anti-terror operation in early 2009.
In the past weeks since Obama went on his binge, Hamas has upped the attacks on the Gaza border, including a rocket attack which killed a Thai worker.

Oh, by the way, Hamas considers all of Israel occupied territory, including West Jerusalem.

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  1. I want to know how Obama is going to blame this sad event on Israel. But I am sure he will. He reminds me of those small minded individuals who used to blame rape on the victim. If Israel wasn't in the neighborhood(you know those victims always where they aren't suppose to be), then their soldiers couldn't be killed.

  2. I'm sick over this.. Obama is going to embolden Hamas and Hezbullah to attack Israel again. I'm afraid there may be another war. Isn't there anything to be done to stop this Terrible President ?

  3. Professor do you think the American people will ever understand that we are at WAR with these people that are doing these things??