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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wait for It - Gadahn Capture Proves Obama Is Better Than Bush

Adam Gadahn has been captured, reportedly.

Good. Period.

This is a fight on which we all should be on the same side.

But wait for it: This proves Obama's anti-terrorism strategy is better than Bush's -

Because al-Qaeda terrorists never before have been captured in Pakistan (other than Khalid Sheikh Mohammend and other people we can't figure where to put on trial).

Anyway, let them enjoy. Today was a good day all around.

Update: Not so clear now that Gadahn was captured; while there still is confusion, it appears that a different American with the name Adam was arrested, but it wasn't Gadhan. So, does this now mean that "working with your allies as opposed to trying to run roughshod on them doesn't actually work?"

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  1. I figure after this kid gets done suing the US for emotional damage caused by his capture and interrogation, he'll get a donut, counselor, cash settlement, publishing deal, speaking tour, job as senior writer at HuffPo, and then a cabinet position with the Obama Administration.

  2. Wow, Oliver Wills put down the Haagen Dazs long enough to write a post. Amazing.

  3. YOu are right. THis is a subject on which we should all be on the same side. I hope we can now stop hearing about how Obama is killing too many terrorists or about how he is a terrorist sympathizer. If you think bush did a better job at this stuff, I'd like to hear about it.

  4. Except that Obama's terrorism policy (wait for it ... 3 ... 2 .... 1 ....) IS the GWB terrorism policy.

    Funny that.

  5. They didn't catch him. Forget it.

  6. No, Obama's policy is not the same as Bush's. Bush had Khalid Sheik Mohammad's six and seven year-old children tortured. You won't find Obama doing that.

  7. LOL Timothy, you are funny! "torture troll alert"!

    Timothy drank the koolaid!

    BHO is dr. utopia, the light bringer, savior!

  8. Timothy = typical liberal. Instead of celebrating the capture of a traitor, it's "let's trash Bush" time complete with out of left field, fanatical bullcrap accusations. See, this shows once again that we are NOT on the same side.

  9. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Only a libtard cites one ambiguous success amidst a comedy of errors as proof that a policy works. Obama is still too soft on terrorists (and only took more a more GWB stance when he saw how badly his tactics went over with the public) and he still has killed far too many guys that we could have mined for info. Good thing the Pakistanis caught Gadahn before one of Obamas drones blew him up.

    And since when did Bush run roughshod over Pakistan? If I remember correctly, Bush tried to work with Pakistan as best he could, hence how we got KSM. And also, wasn't Obama the one who during the campaign said we should invade Pakistan if they didn't play nice? How convenient libs forgot that.

    And lets see what happens when this guy (if ever) is sent here. Before he pat Blamma on the back, lets see Gaddy gets the Miranda rights kid glove treatment first.

  10. Me thinks that Timothy's real name is Dweezil. Or maybe Moon Unit.

  11. Wow, Barry really failed this time. Bush would have at least made sure it was the right Adam. Barry really sucks at fighting terrorism. It's like the commander in chief is focused on pushing a really unpopular health care initiative or something.

  12. Glad to see we're all on the same side on this... These posts prove that conservatives are more interested in undermining our government rather than anything else. Being a blind ideologue is no way to go through life. Obama is doing a good job on the terrorism front and if Bush's team had made the same catches you would be celebrating instead of calling peopl libtards, or complaining that he's been too good at killing and capturing bad guys.