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Monday, March 15, 2010

Absurdity Defined

The Democrats have decided to include a government takeover of the student loan business as part of the health care package in order to convince some reluctant Democrats to vote Yes for Obamacare. As reported by The Hill:

Attaching a student aid bill to the healthcare reform legislation could attract support for the whole measure, according to senior House Democrats.

The House already passed the bill which would essentially cut private lenders out of federal student lending programs, and it is a major priorities for Democrats in the lower chamber, President Barack Obama and liberal advocates....

“It makes it easier for people to vote for this bill,” said House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller (D-Calif.), whose panel wrote the education bill and portions of the healthcare bill.

What do student loans have to do with health care? Absolutely nothing.

The Democrats' push for Obamacare long ago passed the realm of rationality. We are now in the realm of the absurd.

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  1. To me, putting the government totally in charge of student loans is not only an unnecessary extension of federal government size, but also of power. It is unclear to me how the government could interfere with these loans to the detriment of the institution of higher learning or to the school. Would colleges be limited in how many students with government loans would be allowed at their institution? Would the government then have powers that they could legislate over the institutions own loans or grants?

    The adding of non-related amendments to legislation, in an ideal world, should stop. Legislation should pass or fail on its own merit.

    I hope that intelligence will prevail in this instance but the word is not always seen as connected with the members of congress.

  2. Deeming absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

  3. That is all well and good. We know that the democrats have lost their minds when it comes to the healthcare bill and what they are willing to bargain away in order to procure it (of course all at our expense and none to themselves.) But my earlier post about the existential reality of the Student Loan laws has not changed. They need to be rewriiten as well. Here's what I wrote before:

    I tend to remember that my student loans originally came from the government before they were bought out by Sallie Mae. The problem with the present situation is that you cannot shop your loans around for a lower interest rate without the owners persmission (Sallie Mae). So while the law was written to protect students from being subject to arbitrary interest rate hikes, it is used by companies like Sallie Mae against the student lendee. So when I wanted to lower my rate to 3% which was being offered by other lenders, Sallie Mae stopped me because they wanted my 9% (they retain right of refusal). This of course is not what I signed up for all those years ago when I went to law school. The law is badly written and needs to be revamped to protect the student lendee for a change. The only recourse I have against Sallie Mae is to totally pay off my loan, which if I could do that the interest rate issue would not be an issue.

  4. Well, students who take out loans to go to school, believing that they will get a job after graduating, and who can't find a job because Obama keeps ruining the private sector, will develop health problems because of the worry relating to loan repayment. In turn, Obamacare will allow those former students to receive treatment that is as good as the treatment they could get in Canada, which will decrease their life expectancy, and lessen their worry about finding a job to repay the student loans.

    It all makes sense.

    I mean it would be cruel to prevent kids from going to college, and foregoing the vast opportunities that no longer exist in the private sector. So, the government has to step in and give out student loans to everyone.

  5. At last I have found it. Something that makes me NOT want the Federal Government too be in total control of student loans: Government contracts.

    "..The US Department of Education has awarded contracts to four of the largest education lenders to service loans in the Direct Loan program.[http://www.filife.com/stories/house-looks-to-end-federallyguaranteed-student-loan-program]

    OK so lots of job loss and possible business closures due to consolidation in servicing loans never mind originating them.

    Question: Couldn't some of the other wonderful aspects of this legislation have been handled independently from having the Federal government take over the entire process?

  6. We have the current WHIP LIST detailing the US Representatives who are undecided and leaning one way or the other on Health Care.

    Common Cents

  7. You do realize of course that the current "private" student loan market relies on federal loan guarantees, right? And that the reform is in response to scandals within the "private" student loan market whereby lenders provided kickbacks to schools to steer students their way. Ahh...the free market at work. I'm sure that you're also aware that it's routine to include legislation dealing with different topics in one bill. That includes other bills passed by reconciliation, which, as I'm sure you know, has been used more by Republicans than by Democrats.

  8. Politicians: Why read legislation? It is too complicated, and we will do what we want to, anyway. We are wasting our time on words when whe should concentrate on practical things that can help people and make us money in political contributions.

    "Do The Right Thing" Bill
    Motto: A new law does not have to be long and complicated to be effective

    Future News:

    Congress has debated the "Do The Right Thing" bill for a week, and it is expected to pass today. Senate approval should follow in short order.

    A leading Congressman spoke anonymously to avoid "electoral difficulties":

    "None of us has read any of the bills this year before voting for them. Or, for that matter, after voting for them. Even the sponsors don't know the contents; this is left to the staff and lobbyists.

    We certainly are ashamed. It is clear to all of us that we cannot go on this way. The average bill is now 1,500 pages, and the details of government have gotten out of hand."

    'Do The Right Thing' will give us open, consistent, dynamic government. It grants President Michele Obama (now in her 3rd successful term in office) all principles and powers to consider all matters and then "Do the right thing". The Congress retains the important function of advising on the President's actions should she desire this.

    The Congress is now free to do what it does best, arrange for hospital admissions and allocate liquor licenses.

  9. The unrelenting bribes and push for the terrible ObamaSCARE HELLcare bill is enough to drive all of us crazy with grief over what this awful ObaMAO administration and Liberal Dem Congress is doing against the wishes of a great majority of the American people!

    Adding an unconstitutional push for government takeover of student loans goes against everything that we hold dear here in America. I hope and pray that this absurdity will end after the Nov. 2010 elections!

    A bit off topic (sorry), but can you tell me which three questions are necessary to answer on the Census Form? I heard that only three are really required and would like to avoid answering all the rest. Thanks.