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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If Only Netanyahu Were An Unsavory Third World Dictator

Jackson Diehl in The Washington Post:
Netanyahu is being treated as if he were an unsavory Third World dictator,needed for strategic reasons but conspicuously held at arms length.
Wrong. Unsavory Third World dictators are not treated this poorly by Obama:

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  1. Growing up under Suharto of Indonesia gave Bammy a preference for tyrants. One that he continues to indulge to this very day. In that regard, Bammy is truly representative of the 20% of Americans who wish we had a nice dictator or politburo running things. But are working on it...

  2. Will this wake up the massive Jewish Democrat money? Will they ever learn? Democrats hate Israel and the Jews. Democrats hate freedom, God, and Democracy. The Democrat party from their Muslim leader in the White House on down is a friend of Islam.
    If you're a Jew, you have NO business voting Democrat or sending Democrats your money. Same for Christians.

  3. Everyone always wondered if there could ever be a President more inadequate than Jimmy Carter in the realm of foreign policy. Noone believed it possible until Obama became President. Many think that BHO is just another Chamberlain,nievely thinking that he can bring a postiive outcome by indulging evil. Truthfully I do not think he is nieve, rather I think he is and has always been an anti-Semite who was raised and mentored by anti-Semites, who surrounds himself with anti-Semites to this day. But these individuals forget that Israel is not Checkoslavakia and the Jews have already learned that lesson of fatuous agreements with tyrants. We know there is such a thing as evil, we lived with it, we survived it. We will survive Obama too.

  4. I wouldn't call him a dictator. Unsavory, yes. He is thumbing his nose at the US. All Americans should be concerned. I just heard that Israel is now taking steps to resume military ties with China. You can blame Obama, or you can blame Israel for its disregard for the human lives that this move will cause. It will not be good.

  5. Obama is feeling cocky in the wake of his "historic" victory. That is why the real colors of his feelings toward Isreal are coming out,and the bring it on comment toward those who want Obamacare repealed.