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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sorry, I Must Stop Posting About Obama

Obama's name appears so frequently in my posts that internet marketers are beginning to confuse the two of us. I received the following e-mail solicitation at my blog e-mail address:
Hi Obama,

I am the Cisco WebEx Solutions Specialist responsible for supporting your area.

Are you available this week or next week for a brief discussion of your current business objectives?

I would like to share some creative ideas about how you can reduce expenses and increase productivity throughout your organization.

Please reply with the best time to reach you.

Best Regards,


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  1. Thank you for your time, Mr. President.

  2. "Insurrection" is probably where the connection was made.

  3. You're Obama? Wow.

    Can I have a car?

  4. I'm sure that you're a much better constitutional scholar than the current inhabitant of the Oval Office.
    Maybe you could mix it up by calling him ObiWon KnowNothing, in the posts?

    After all, in support of his diatribes against the Supreme Court, ObiWon supported legislation from one of the worst pro slavery, pro Jim Crow Senators ever to set foot in US the Senate. A Senator who was forbidden to set foot in the WH because of his violent conduct on the Senate floor. Of course, since Jim Crow didn't affect Obama's forebears, I guess he has no compunction about rehabilitating such vicious legislation?
    Anyway if some white guy president had resurrected such Jim Crow legislation to beat down SCOTUS Judges he/she disagreed with, I think the drumbeat in the lamestream media would be a tad different.

  5. This is SO damn funny!!!

    But please, don't stop posting about Obama until he resigns or is arrested (my prediction).

    The same thing's happened to me (except that I don't think I have Cisco WebEx Solutions Specialist assigned to any area): the more he campaigned, the more I posted about him, hoping against hope that someone out there was listening!


  6. LOL!! :D I would LOVE to have you in the White House rather than the

    Liar-in-Chief/Constitutional-Scholar-in-Chief(not!)/Narcissist-in-Chief "Obama."

    Thanks for the laugh; sorry about the SPAM. :)

  7. Seriously-- Obama should have a discussion about his "business objectives". He could also use some ideas about "reducing expenses and increasing productivity". At least these ideas would come from the private sector through Cisco rather than government-employed sycophants!

  8. God drops an alternative identity at your door - use it. As the New Testament tells it - He did.

    I had to give up my avatar because a couple of people in webland thought they could be me better than I could. They may be right.

  9. You can start again Sunday at 1 PM!