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Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Why Do They Still Hate Us? We Elected Obama; What More Do They Want?"

Tweet of the Day, from John Rambo:

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  1. Yes, Virginia, people really do think like this.

  2. something i ask myself on a daily basis.

  3. I guess You thought you were doing minorities a favor by giving him a chance. But if the goose that lays the golden eggs gets cooked by socialized policies, then everyone suffers - even those whom you wanted to help.

  4. hahahahahahhahahahahhahahhahahhahhaahhahahhahah. What a tree huggin, earth first, white guilt, kumbaya singing, limp wristed loser. I am talking to you Pedaling...I believe John Rambo was using sarcasm(if not the above applies to him as well) and he served up you. Geez.

  5. Mark. If you check out Pedaling's profile, the sarcasm just might be on the other foot. ;-) Made me chuckle anyway.

  6. Cognitive dissonance can bring out the worst kind of denial. As we see in those that are downplaying the seriousness of the weapon in this case.

    But give "Mr. Rambo" credit. He is one step ahead of that. He is coming to grips with how he has been played.