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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Maybe Anna Chapman Wasn't Such A Joke After All

When the story broke last June about the arrest of 10 Russian sleeper agents, none of whom seemed to be in a position to do any real damage, many people laughed at the supposed ineptitude of the Russian secret services, and joked about femme fatale Anna Chapman.

I didn't laugh, being a former student of Soviet Studies, and avid (and naturally suspicious) reader of Jean LeCarré novels in my youth.

Now it makes sense.

The sleeper agents who were rolled up were not the spies.  They were helping to service the real spy, a mole in the National Security Agency, or at least that is what is reported by The Washington Times:
The National Security Agency (NSA) is conducting a counterintelligence probe at its Fort Meade, Md., headquarters in a top-secret hunt for a Russian agent, according to a former intelligence official close to the agency. 
The former official said the probe grew out of the case of 10 Russian "illegals," or deep-cover spies, who were uncovered last summer and sent back to Moscow after the defection of Col. Alexander Poteyev, a former SVR foreign intelligence officer who reportedly fled to the U.S. shortly before Russian President Dmitry Medvedev visited here in June.

Col. Poteyev is believed to be the source who disclosed the U.S.-based agent network.
NSA counterintelligence officials suspect that members of the illegals network were used by Russia's SVR spy agency to communicate with one or more agents inside the agency, which conducts electronic intelligence gathering and code-breaking.
It's still a dangerous world out there, folks.  There is no Russian term for Kumbaya.

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  1. And these are the guys O wants to buddy up with?

  2. By publishing this leak, The Washington Times, in cahoots with its anonymous source, has seriously compromised the operational security of this counter-intelligence probe, and potentially jeopardized the integrity of the operation. The publication should immediately be shut down by the government and prosecuted for its crimes.

  3. This can't be happening. You must be mistaken. Obama gave a "reset" button to the Russians and he has unleashed the full form of his charm, charisma, and personality on them. So they can't still be hostile.

  4. Remember how fast the Obama administration got these spies sent back to Russia? What was that all about?
    Is there anything this administration does where America DOESN'T lose?

  5. @d.eris - maybe it's not a "leak" but intended to ....

  6. If memory serves many former KGB operatives were organized to obtain jobs in large Russian companies. What was the purpose of that move and was it successful enough to move on to include companies in western countries?