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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Census Followup

Well, news of the census has been released and Politico has the reapportionment rundown: gains were made in the Sun Belt and neighboring areas (Arizona, Utah, & Nevada all +1), the south was represented (Florida +2, GA & SC +1) Washington earned one more, and Texas was the big winner earning four seats! Losses were made in the Rust Belt and neighboring states like Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, & Ohio (which lost two). Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, Massachusetts, and Louisiana all lost one seat, while New York was the big loser with two.

"The U.S. population grew 9.7 percent in the last decade – the slowest rate since the Great Depression – and now stands at 308,745,538. Texas grew 20.6 percent, to 25,145,561 as of April 1 – adding 4,293,741 over 10 years." Let's hope the migration from blue states doesn't taint the locales with new seats...

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  1. Continuing on my theme from yesterday's thread by Kathleen on this subject, it's not only the spread of the liberal infection that hurts these red states, its how the congressional re-gerrymandering is going to impact the conservatives in the blue states. In Minnesota, it looks like Michelle Bachmann may lose her seat. She pretty much declared that she will be running for senator yesterday.

    Texans need to lose their smug provincial attitudes and take a look at how California became what it is today. They will learn that it was Republicans like those who now dominate in Texas that ruined California, the same Republicans who are only too willing to abandon conservative principles (that they clearly don't support) and reach across the aisle to appease liberal voters.

    Those blue state immigrants and Mexican illegals will be voting for Democrats regardless of how the many Texans who comment at these blogs preen, condescend and gloat to us California conservatives who have "been there" and "done that".

  2. Phil we DO realize that, and we are working on that, I only hope we can purge them from the system in time to prevent the collapse. And you are right, I'm concerned about the influx of Libtards from the Worker's paradises bringing their virulent Liberal voting record with them too. At this rate SJL may NEVER be defeated...

  3. Rorschach: I don't mean to pick on Texas. I spend 2-3 week each year out there and have clients and friends there. I like Texas. But these blogs are infested by smug Texans who comment without any indication that the rest of the country doesn't hold them in any higher regard than they do California.

    Once these Texas Republicans wake up to discover that the same GOP that sold out CA also sold out Texas and for the same reasons, they will find themselves mocked and ridiculed just as we California conservatives are mocked and ridiculed. So you guys need to be making friends of fellow conservatives, not enemies.

    This is not personal to you but these Texans need to lose those smug, provincial, condescending attitudes fast because there are more conservatives in California than in Texas and we won't soon forget how we were treated when we needed help from the onslaught from the GOP when we were fighting to defeat the liberal Democrats. All we got was "we ought to give California back to Mexico" and "if I lived in CA, I would move out".

    Thanks for the help but those Mexicans that overran the Alamo weren't there that day to pour concrete and those liberals and illegals pouring into Texas aren't there to celebrate Republicans and conservatives.