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Friday, December 31, 2010

Least Subtle Bumper Sticker of The Year

Taken in late November by a reader in Tampa, Florida.  I'm pretty sure this guy does not want anyone touching his junk:

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  1. This sums it up for me about joining and becoming a card carrying member of anything outside of my faith ...

    I believe in the sentiment but I'm kinda scared of the driver, what's up with the condition of that truck....don't seem normal

    I'm a hold out that virtue does reside in the middle.

  2. The ungrammatical "While your cleaning the house" sign is all the more poignant, esp. since it probably wasn't union printed, else it would've read "While you're cleaning the house we'll give you paid holiday and vacation bennies if you're in NY, and "While you're cleaning up and illegal, for a good time here's Holder's phone number."