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Friday, December 24, 2010

Puff Piece, With an Odor of PDS

Someone please point me to a piece as puffy and fluffy as the one Ben Smith just wrote about Kamala Harris, the new Democratic Attorney General of California:

It’s easy to understand why Kamala Harris, California’s next attorney general, is being called the future of the Democratic Party, a rising political star in the mold of one of her big supporters — President Barack Obama.
The piece makes "slobbering love affair" seem just not descriptive enough.

Oh, and there was the faint odor of PDS in the title, Kamala Harris, Democrats' Anti-Palin.

Someone please remind me about what I said about Politico, and also get me to follow my own advice.

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  1. That article is more than a puff-piece, it's positively surreal. Harris ran a horrible office as SF DA, refusing to seek the death penalty against cop killers and so bungling the lab work that she was publicly reprimanded by a job in what should have been (had she not been a Democrat) a statewide scandal. I can't wait to see what damage she'll do as Attorney General. The only way that she is the "anti-Palin" is if "anti" means "incompetent progressive ideologue."

  2. Ok, I'll give this a go?
         Stop!  Reading!  Politico!

  3. Rats. That should have been "...reprimanded by a judge..."

    Must proofread before posting....

  4. So I did a bit of clicking around regarding Harris.

    Why oh why did you post this on Christmas Eve?!

    A number of comments come to mind, but until the holiday has passed I'm voting 'Present'.

  5. Ben Smith, member of journolist. 'nuff said.

  6. In order to be the anti-Palin, doesn't she need a huge following outside her own state or a spot on a national ticket? Or at least her own reality show?

  7. 1. Harris's victimological sheepskins are more "authentic" than Obama's: she went to Howard University and to Hastings Law, "the most diverse of the four law schools in the UC system."

    2. Politico's puff piece on Harris is not the first of its kind. (Note how her getting her start via an affair with Willy Brown is mentioned late in the piece, and only in passing.) Here's one from 2003.

    3. I tend to be more...attentive...if a person has issues with their opposite-sex parent than with the same-sex parent. Harris has daddy issues.

    4. Part of her shtick is being "smart on crime". Viewing our criminal-justice system as a national disgrace, I would like to agree with her, but my heart skips a beat whenever a leftist, let alone a San Francisco leftist, talks about being "smart".

    5. She is a natural rallying point for leftists who feel betrayed by Obama.

    6. Among others in both parties, Harris comes to mind when I express my fear that Obama could be replaced by someone even worse.

    7. OT: she was polling poorly but got an infusion of Hollywood money. Payback to her opponent Steve Cooley for going after Polanski? If so, it's a significant but little-noticed defeat of the Right in the Culture Wars. (The decisive votes appeared late in the count. In Democrat California. Just a coincidence, no doubt.)