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Friday, December 31, 2010

Legal Insurrection's Official New Year's Resolutions for 2011

Following up on my Official Predictions and Not Predictions for 2011, I have put together, with input from readers, Legal Insurrection's Official New Year's Resolutions.

Actually, it comes down to just a single resolution, as follows:
To keep up the fight against a seemingly unstoppable expansion of government into every aspect of our lives, and to restore a Constitutional balance between government and citizen.
In practice, this will hopefully fulfill the following reader suggestions:
  • JohnJ - "Deal liberalism a crushing defeat and secure the freedom of America for another generation."
  • lgstarr - "to find the best possible candidate to beat Obama in 2012 so that we can stop Obamacare and start the process of restoring our constitutional republic!"
  • frances glass - "To continue to be one of the logically soundest and politically sanest voices on the web"
  • Lynndh - "To stay angry with the pols and drink lots of Tea"
The one thing I cannot promise to do is that which was suggested by Clink, "convert at least one liberal Cornell professor, thereby increasing the conservative side by 100%."  I may be a dreamer, but I'm not crazy.

Happy New Year to all my regular readers.  I've appreciated the time you've spent here, the comments, and the faith you have placed in me. 

[insert obligatory thanks to the Wife here]

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  1. Spot on, Professor. It is the only one we need.

  2. Keep out elected officials under close watch with their feet in the fire to represent us as we elected them to do, based on our Constitution.

    A dog tied to his doghouse will chew through the rope if you are not watching and run off to do his own thing.

  3. "A dog tied to his doghouse will chew through the rope if you are not watching and run off to do his own thing."

    Just wow. Bow-wow and bye, barry.

  4. Happy New Year W.A.J.! Hope it is spectacular for you and all of your readers !

  5. This is one of my must-reads daily. Thanks so much, Professor.

  6. 5 words:
    Happy New Year Professor!

  7. Can’t We All Just Get Along?

    Hell no! Why should we even try? The Democrats keep talking about compromise as if compromise is always a good thing under any and all circumstances. Compromise is like alcohol. A glass or two now and then is cool. Guzzling down cases of “two buck chuck” is disgusting. So a compromise would be only a half a case, that is enabling the drunk.

    The road that the progressives in Congress , Obama, and his group of socialists/Marxist Czars and appointees are taking America down a road that is directly in the opposite direction the people want to travel. In the past two years we have witnessed a huge growth of government, unprecedented deficit spending, and loss of freedom, and liberty that has brought us too close to USSR style socialism. This trend was aided and abetted by an elite group of career politicians who are totally out of touch with the reality of life of the American people. They have totally discarded our Constitution and the reason why this land divorced itself from a top down style of governing.

    How can there be bi-party-ism if compromise is impossible without trashing the Constitution and abandonment of our core values? If self-reliance, liberty, and pursuit of individual happiness is to survive how can we compromise with the Marxist edict of “to each one’s need and each one’s ability”. That means distributing the wealth? That type of a system cannot survive even in a dictatorship, as we have seen with the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain countries?

  8. Happy New Year to all the Insurrection supporters...I raise a cup 'o kindness to thee.

    Keep up the great work, professor!