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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Politico Out, The Hill In

I used to rely on Politico as a key source of news, but I'm not a big fan of late.  I find myself bored with it, and it seems to be drifting very mainstream media, with all the inherent liberal biases that entails. 

Sure, it may just be my impression, but there does seem to be an increasing go-soft-on-Obama, mock-conservative-Republicans, subtly-bash-Palin attitude at Politico.  Ben Smith and some of the other bloggers there are still worth the read, but the feature articles have been lacking.

I find myself turning much more for information to The Hill.  In fact, The Hill is my new favorite site for information on what's happening in politics.  I find the articles to be very straightforward and neutral, providing information not available elsewhere in a timely manner.

So The Hill is my new favorite read.

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  1. I quit going to the Politico some time ago for similar reasons. Not sure what is really going on there, but I will check out The Hill.

  2. Brent Budowsky, an opinion shaper at The Hill, is as much of a partisan hack as Count Frankula or Krugman. Watch your blood pressure when reading his columns.

  3. Journolist (remember that?), was a real eyeopener for me. I began to review all internet journos and bloggers articles and information with skeptisism, on the lookout for biased political leanings. Or more to the point, what do they want me to believe about this subject or that, which is preferrable to their political leanings against my own.

    I had to grow up, be a big girl and figure stuff out by myself.

    Now I judge every site and news organization by the Sarah Palin content, as you refer to PDS. I have no particular political leanings towards her but as a woman, I am sickened by the treatment towards her and her whole family. I can't believe my generation would behave this way. Our number has finally come up at the deli line of life and we are ordering a s@#t sandwich with hate on the side. Like WTF? I'm better than this and so are alot of others that grew up with me, around, ahead or behind.

    I left Politico last year. The Hill was replaced with RCP, because with RCP I end up venturing off reading daily papers across the country and Europe.

  4. Correct (as usual) Professor! I also have taken to reading "the daily caller" http://dailycaller.com/
    Strikes me as an internet version of USA today for center-right readers

  5. Over the last several years I've collected 52 news sites (almost all conservative) into one place under "News & Politics" here (right column):

    (I have another huge list of conservative activist sites under "Join the Second American Revolution" that I started a day or two after the 2008 presidential election when there were only one or two of them sprouting up...)


  6. I stopped respecting Politico when they sank Fred Thompson's primary candidacy with stories that were quickly proven to be false.

  7. The Hill is clearly better than Politico, but The Hill is a bit sloppy sometimes.