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Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Social Network Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

There's a viral video going around called 'A Social Network Christmas.' It retains the story, so I'll post it here, but I'd be curious to know everyone's thoughts on it. I'm not particularly fond of the fusion of the two media myself....

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  1. Too reflective of our times.

    And, perhaps, inevitable.

  2. I'm a 65 year old grandpa of eight grandchildren (four teenagers), a born again Christian, and a card carrying Tea Party member. "Social Network Christmas" will be why thousands upon thousands of teenagers and young adults will hear the story of Christmas for the first time. I saw this video for the first time yesterday and immediately posted it on my blog and Facebook for the very reason just stated. Praise the Lord for social networks and the digital age. Does "Social Network Christmas" diminish the traditional story of Christmas? Have you listened to the contemporary music sung by the youth groups in churches all across denominations these days? If the message is still the message, AMEN.

  3. I loved that vid. For too long have I been focused on the negative side of the fight, focused on the battles we've lost, rather than the ones we win. Last night's mass and several videos I've seen since then have restored a good deal of my shaky faith. Another vid I found is called "The Digital Story of the Nativity". You can find it at:


  4. Good points, you guys. I guess my catholic high school rendered me a bit of a purist or traditionalist about those things, but I'm happy you enjoyed it!

  5. Go tell it on the mountain
    over the hills and every where

    I'm more concerned that the story gets told and told often, than I am about the method of telling the story.

  6. Here's another one: