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Friday, December 31, 2010

Worst Tweet of the Year

Last year the Worst Tweet of the Year Award went to Spencer Ackerman, who just after the Undie-bomber almost blew up a plane over Chicago, tweeted what he meant:  "Al-Q is a joke."

This year the Award goes to Sissy Willis, for tweeting something she didn't mean. 

If you follow Sissy, you'll know that she doesn't mince words.  She takes no prisoners, although she does take hostages.

So when I saw this tweet, I not only got a little sick to my stomach, I also thought "Sissy, we really didn't need to know this."

But it turns out Sissy was not really bragging about her "boy-gas." 

Sissy informs me that she was bragging about her burgers and trying to spell out phonetically how someone from Brooklyn would pronounce the word "burger."  Okay.

Nonetheless, the internet is an unforgiving place; there are no second chances or explanations allowed.

So for bragging about her "boy-gas," Sissy Willis gets the Worst Tweet of the Year.

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  1. I thought it was people from Joisey who talked like that.

  2. A little gem of a post, by the way. Too late to save my reputation, but perhaps it may serve as a warning to others. ;D

  3. Sissy, he is just teasing you, dear! He knew what a Boy-ton Boy-ga was! LOL

  4. You're lucky that Sissy is a good sport.

    Remember Kipling's warning. Tick off the female conservative blogosphere and you're toast.

  5. Sissy,

    Da pleural uv "boy-ga" is "boy-guz" . . . no?

  6. @gs, we need your Twitter ID for our "records." ;)