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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Taking Suggestions

Tomorrow I will release Legal Insurrection's Official New Year's Resolutions for 2011.

Taking suggestions.

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  1. Resolve: replace official Legal Insurrection coffee mugs with official Legal Insurrection tea mugs.

  2. Deal liberalism a crushing defeat and secure the freedom of America for another generation.

  3. The Congress, under immense pressure from voters, dissolves the FCC, killing the idea of Net Neutrality and "Fairness Doctrine" forever.

  4. Resolve: To immediately cease making all New Year's resolutions forevermore.

  5. Resolved: to find the best possible candidate to beat Obama in 2012 so that we can stop Obamacare and start the process of restoring our constitutional republic!

  6. Not to write "January 2010" on checks next month

    To continue to be one of the logically soundest and politically sanest voices on the web (and at Cornell, Ms. Beth L.)

    To help the rest of us lose weight, write a book, get rich, be considerate to others, stay organized and find our soulmates etc. next year

    To Tea Party like our lives depended on it

  7. In the New Year, the Professor will put up a profile picture where it looks like he's stayed awake for 48 hours, not just 24.

  8. To stay angry with the pols and drink lots of Tea

  9. Resolve to never, ever, under any circumstances or regardless of reason to give in to the temptation to pronouncing 2011 as "two hundred and onety-one."

  10. Convert at least one liberal Cornell professor, thereby increasing the conservative side by 100%

  11. Promote a new tax code. Eliminate all deductions and abolish our 35% corporate tax.

    Promote a tax form for all Americans that fits on a post card. Example:

    Your Income for FY' 2010: $55,000
    (55,000) x tax rate (15%) = $8250

    Only form of payment acceptable is a personal check made out to your local congressional representative.