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Monday, December 20, 2010

2010 PUK Award Winners

As I mentioned before, I was selected to be the judge of the 2010 PUK Awards run by iOwnTheWorld.

Twenty five images were selected from the nominees, and from those 25, I selected a winner and 9 others to round out the Top 10.  There were many good ones which did not make the Top 10.  Not surprisingly, most of the images related to Obama.

If there were a method to my madness, it was to pick images which caught the essence of Obama in a subtle yet effective way.  Exposing and mocking Obamamania counted for more than visual name calling.

And the winner is ... the "Shovel Ready" image by Hippie Critic of iOwnTheWorld. 

To me this was an absolutely brilliant compilation, and far and away my favorite.  The image plays upon so much of what has gone wrong the last two years, from the now-discredited notion of "shovel ready" stimulus projects to the dead-and-buried lovefest epitomized by the iconic Obama Hope poster and "Change We Can Believe In" slogan. 

The rest of the Top 10 had some great entries.  The First Runner-Up shows Obama playing hoops while holding his teleprompter, and the Second Runner-Up shows Obama playing golf in the background of one of the classic dustbowl images. 

You can view all the images in more detail at iOwnTheWorld.

Thanks for the honor of letting me play judge.  I now have more judicial experience than Elena Kagan did when she was nominated to the Supreme Court.

As my final non-appealable ruling before leaving office, I declare that the health care mandate violates the Constitution's "Leave Us Alone" Clause.

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  1. "Thanks for the honor of letting me play judge. I now have more judicial experience than Elena Kagan did when she was nominated to the Supreme Court."

    Now THAT'S funny! Time for you to be the next SCOTUS nominee - after Nov. 2012!! :D

  2. Excellent choices. I thought all the nominees were good, and I'm glad you had to do the picking.

  3. You have more decision-making experience than a certain person did before he took the oval office.

    Good job on the judging. That doesn't look easy at IOTW.

  4. w00t! I made tenth outta ten! The kind of just-squeaking-by performance I've come to expect from me.

    Seriously, thanks for the inclusion.

  5. Even though I didn't win, and I am sad, you picked an excellent winning batch. I guess Chicago Rules were not in effect.

    When you have a spare moment, could you tweet me with a time for lunch to discuss my Supremacy clause matter?


  6. This is a real honor, especially in light of all the great great entries. Thank you so much.

  7. Sweet! I'm honored one of my pieces made it to the top 10. This totally made the rest of my year! :-D

    Thank you.