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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Open

Merry Christmas to my readers.  Enjoy the day while, once again, I defend the internet for you!

Here are some thoughts for the day, in no particular order:
  • Self-fulfilling prophecy.  Charles, we get it, the lame duck was not good, but your repeated columns about the "comeback kid" are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, as the mainstream media picks up the meme (since they like the conclusion) and cites you as proof.
  • Blog thread reignited.  You may recall earlier this week I posted about how Matthew Yglesias of Think Progress erroneously claimed that Haley Barbour expressed "affection" for the "Citizens' Councils" and their segregationist agenda.  Yglesias (here and here) and Ta-Nehisi Coates of The Atlantic have responded to me, and I've now responded to them.  So the comment thread has been reignited.  You may find some of the comments at Think Progress and The Atlantic of interest, and you'll be shocked to learn that Republicans were responsible for segregation and still are racist, and I'm an insult to Cornell, yawn.
  • I vote for Hawaii.  There is a cat fight erupting between Hawaii and Chicago over the future location of the Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library.  I say Hawaii; it's farther away.
  • Cleaning the plate.  Brian Beutler at TPM has a sensible argument that Republicans caved on a variety of legislation in the lame duck session so as to clear the plate for January:  "Now the issues are off the table, and that creates more space for them to set the agenda."  Sensible, but did we have to eat that much just to clean the plate?
  • More Hawaii.  The new Governor of Hawaii is going to make a name for himself, and perhaps help get that library, by "taking on" the "Birthers."  Tom Maguire rounds up the faux outrage. Yes, I think that what we need now more than ever is a Democrat trying to gain notoriety by pointing out that Obama never has released his birth certificate, and I'm sure the White House will be happy as well.
  • Don't tell Aaron Sorkin.  Deer hunters in Wisconsin would constitute the 8th largest army in the world if they were an army. (h/t Instapundit)  I wonder if this means Aaron Sorkin hates Wisconsin as much as he hates Sarah Palin.

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  1. Obama Presidential Library: where else? Nairobi Kenya! Unprecedented!

  2. Merry Christmas!

    And I gotta see that "Republicans are responsible for segregation" ...

  3. I'm still trying to understand this whole "comeback" meme.

    Let's look at Obama's successes:

    -DADT: The vast majority of people don't care about it one way or another and he avoided every gay issue like the plague

    -START: Once more the vast majority of people don't care about it one way or another, and right now the Russians are making him look like a fool

    -The tax compromise: You've already mentioned the problems with it, and there are plenty, but let's not forget that Obama was forced to embrace the very same tax policies that he railed against for years.

    And his losses:

    -DREAM Act: Obama's backdoor amnesty failed miserably

    -Omnibus spending bill: The GOP killed the initial funding of ObamaCare with it.

    -Gitmo is still operational

    We killed the truly threatening and nation altering bills and only lost on the issues where Obama completely reversed positions he has had for years or pushed issues that nobody was all that interested in.

    It's like claiming a victory in a football game because you scored four field goals to the other team's 3 touchdowns.

  4. "I wonder if this means Aaron Sorkin hates Wisconsin as much as he hates Sarah Palin."

    Sorkin is a lib, so there's always plenty of room in his heart for MORE hate. So, yes. Yes it does.