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Monday, December 27, 2010

He's Everybody's President

Okay, the last two plus years, in which we have been called every name in the book by Obama, his administration, the Democrats in Congress, and the Democratic base, are forgiven and forgotten.

Let's just make pretend it never happened:

Me, I'm still waiting for apologies.

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  1. Valerie Jarrett does not believe what she says.

    Oh, she knows he's everybody's President, as in, "you have no other," but she is not fooling herself.

    Heck, he's not even Joe Biden's President.

  2. Sorry, Bill, I don't think those cows are coming home...apologies? Meh. I think we would agree that the rhetoric of division employed by this president and those that support him should simply cease. That would be a step in the right direction. As much as Valerie Jarrett wants to sell the idea that this president is a president for ALL the people, I have yet to see the evidence.

  3. You're a better person than me. No apology will make me forget what this admin really is; they lost me with the "flag the fishy" campaign (the minute the WH asked for American citizens to report other American citizens to the federal government for spreading "false" opinions, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt exactly what we had on our hands).

    That the WH can no longer be as blatant about pushing its agenda against the will of the American people does not change the fact that we already know exactly how they behave and how little regard they have for America and her people. We forget that at our own and our nation's peril. He's shown us exactly whose president he is, and it's not the American people's (any of us, of any race, class, or gender, actually).

  4. 1. When the occupant of the Oval Office has obviously messed up, a standard recourse is to Look Presidential and ignore the squalid intrigues of partisan pretenders. In this shtick, the President's unpopularity is explained as an unfortunate side-effect of his apolitical preoccupation with the Greater Good of the Nation.

    2. After the country recoiled as he started to show his true colors, The Lightworker is scuttling back to the centrist-sounding BS that got him elected.

    3. Hopefully the electorate will remember the saying Fool me once, shame on you...

    4. Hopefully the electorate will not replace Obama with somebody as bad or even worse.

  5. For almost two decades Chicagoan Valerie Jarrett has been Barack Obama's most trusted mentor and political rabbi. His success, and that of Michele, are Jarrett's life's work. In her WH position she has had more to do with "spin" than Robert Gibbs. Now that Teh One's end game has been so badly sullied, what else can she say than this?

    That it has fallen upon her to pacify these waters speaks volumes as to how badly things have become. She was the main architect of the post-inaugural WH divisiveness and name-calling, so this attempt at role reversal is truly significant. The political worm is attempting to turn. This will be fun to watch.