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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Best Of Thing

Everyone seems to be doing the "Best Of" thing this time of year.

Worth a try?  If so, what?

Would it be completely pretentious to do a "Best Of" my posts for the past year?

If not, any favorites?

(In case you were wondering, I am not taking suggestions for "Worst Of").

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  1. Every one is my favorite. Great job last year!

  2. Not at all pretentious, HotAir is doing their greatest hits of 2010. Why not you?

  3. I second what freedm-figher said. This blog is a must-see for me.

    I never read best-ofs in magazines or newspapers unless my team happened to win the World Series (which didn't happen). I always think of those as fillers that the magazines and newspapers do while the big boys are skiing. They couldn't care less about them and neither do I.

    If you are dying to do a best-of, you could do your bumper sticker thing. That's pretty unique.

  4. Best of the Saturaday Night Card Games? Or best license plate spotted in 2010?

    Or you could go with the post the generated the most irrational and unhinged nutroot criticism (as the Dijon-gate post did in 2009 - the comments to that post make it may all time favorite.)

    Lots to choose from.

  5. I second @maggot. Best Saturday Night Card Game or Best License Plate spotted are great suggestions. Another one might be: Best Legal Analysis of Issue(s) Ignored by the MSM.

    I would prefer not going into the irrational comments one, though......that would take a lot of slogging through comments, and then having to re-post snips. Besides, that is too aggravating to have to read them - again! Your call, of course.....

  6. I find it funny how just the context of how something is presented changes how it's received:

    My immediate reaction to "Best of", especially when chosen by the author, is that it is rather pretentious. However, selecting the exact same entries and calling it "The Year in Review" or "My Favorite Posts of 2010" bothers me not at all.

  7. I hate "Best of." It's an excuse to take a vacation, usually prerecorded and hyped extensively to build excitement because someone wants to sleep in instead of blog. Plus it's like recycling. Highly green and such a lie.
    A Wish List is much better. Oop! I see that's the latest post. Bravo!

  8. Your Dijon-Gate post MUST be included, Professor. It's a classic, and put you on the liberals' hate list.