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Monday, December 20, 2010

Harry Reid Must Want Terrorists To Have Nukes

The lame duck session has seen Harry Reid at his best or worst, depending upon your perspective.

Reid held back a slew of substantial legislation to the last two weeks in order to try to ram through measures which, in a rational world, would have had full hearings and debate.  Reid's most notable failure was the monstrous Omnibus spending bill, which failed.

Reid has demagogued a variety of issues, but none worse than the New START Treaty, which was signed last April. 

Rather than schedule a vote and debate in a manner that would have given Republicans and the public confidence that the treaty was in the nation's best interest -- and not merely another foreign policy failure in which we fight the past while not preparing for the future -- Reid is trying to jam it through at the very end of the lame duck session.

By trying to force through a treaty which will affect our nuclear arsenal and ability to mount a missile defense (at least under the Russian interpretation of the treaty), Reid has lessened the likelihood of ratification.

Nonetheless, Reid is demagoguing the issue as if Reid had proceeded in a reasonable manner, accusing all opponents of wanting terrorists to have nuclear weapons:
“You either want to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists or you don’t.”
Well, if ratification of the treaty is the standard, then the way in which Reid proceeded demonstrates that it must be Reid who wants terrorists to have nukes.

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