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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another Christmas Surprise - Dems Roll Out $1.1 Trillion, 1,924-Page Budget Bill

I have warned time and again that the lame duck Democratic Congress could not be trusted, and that the longer it went on, the more mischief Democrats would attempt.  I urged Mitch McConnell and other Republicans in the Senate to do everything within their power to shut down the Senate after passing the bare minimum necessary to keep the government operating until the new Congress was sworn in.

While Senate Republicans could not make Democrats go home, they could bring everything to a halt.  Instead, McConnell showed good faith in negotiating with Obama a "tax deal" and showing a willingness to consider other measures once that deal was passed.

The reward for cooperation with the lame duck Democrats?  The Democrats just dumped a $1.1 trillion budget bill  and are preparing to move it to a vote with no chance for review or debate.  As reported by The Politico:
Senate Democrats began rolling out Tuesday a year-end, government-wide spending bill that cuts more than $26 billion from President Barack Obama’s 2011 requests even as it defies earmark bans – or veto threats over Joint Strike Fighter engines.
Filling more than 1,900 pages and costing $1.1 trillion, the measure is sure to invite criticism as a last stand by the Senate’s old bulls before the more conservative, tea party-oriented Congress takes hold in January. But weeks of bipartisan work have gone into the effort to meet spending targets previously embraced by the Republican leadership and also try to salvage something from the failed budget process this year....

Even before the official release Tuesday afternoon, South Dakota Sen. John Thune, chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, attacked Democrats for ignoring, he said, the “clear will expressed by voters this past election.” And New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg, a senior Republican on both the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committees, said a short-term continuing resolution would be preferable at this stage give the shortness of time before the holiday recess.
Fox News is reporting:
Republicans poring over a 1,924-page overarching spending bill proposed by Democrats to cover the rest of the fiscal year are threatening to grind the legislation to a halt, citing massive earmark spending, which, if passed, would be enacted into law without debate in the full Senate.

Two sources who spoke to Fox News are describing the legislation as "a total mess."
Shut it down.  Do only the bare minimum to keep the government operating for another 60 days.  Then either go home, or grind the Senate to a standstill.

How many times do I have to tell you this?

Update:  Harry Reid is threatening to extend the current session past Christmas and into the new year:
Mr. Reid, though, said Congress will stay until he tries to tackle issues he says have been unfairly stalled by the GOP.

"I hate to report all this to you — but you know, there's still Congress after Christmas," he told reporters. "So if the Republicans think that because they can stall and stall and stall that we take a break, we're through, we're not through."
Use every procedural device available to run out the clock on the monstrosity that is the current Congress.  The voters who gave Republicans back the House and closed the gap in the Senate expect the current Republican leadership and Republicans in the Senate to do no less in the face of more Harry Reid cramdowns.

And if you thought the fight was just against Democrats, according to The Hill, outgoing Republicans Bond, Voinivich and Bennett, plus Susan Colllins, all have expressed a willingness to consider voting for the omnibus.

How much damage can Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans do in two weeks?  Priceless.

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  1. How many times do I have to tell [them] this?
    They're not listening.

  2. 1. While Senate Republicans could not make Democrats go home, they could bring everything to a halt. Instead, McConnell showed good faith in negotiating with Obama a "tax deal" and showing a willingness to consider other measures once that deal was passed.

    My first impulse was to say that it wasn't good faith, it was The Stupid Party in action.

    After further consideration, I believe that McConnell knew all along what was going on--and that pork has been put into that bill just for him.

    2. Reid has talked about changing Senate rules to eliminate the filibuster, which is one of the last vestiges of limited government: after all, our worst political class in modern history needs more power. It will be interesting to see if he follows through in the next Congress (and is supported by his members), given the 2012 prospects for flipping the Senate Republican. (McConnell and other RINOs might be suborned to be "statesmanlike" about the filibuster too.)

  3. God help the GOP when they cave on this. That will be the end of them as an effective political party.

  4. If we have yet another Democrat Christmas, I am going to completely ramp up my "It's all going to melt down" plans for next year.

  5. I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that McConnell and most of the rest of the Assistant Democrats are going to put on a good show displaying outrage and then vote for the bill. Just a wild guess.

  6. Whoever filibusters this will have conservative campaign support for life.

  7. Not trying to incite a riot here but I think it is time the American people showed up on Capitol hill with pictures of pitchforks. What part of "against the will of the people" do they not understand?

  8. Whichever Assistant Democrats vote for this will rue the day.

  9. Oh, who didn't see this coming from a mile down the road? How many times does McConnell fall for the same gag before he gets the picture?

    I wonder whether either McConnell or Boehner is really up to this. I think someone from a local girl scout troop had better come to the rescue.

    God help us...

  10. @pasadenaphil

    With respect, I hope you are wrong. But, my sense is that there will need to be another housecleaning come 2012.

  11. Big surprise. The GOP was "rolled" again.

    How many times does this have to happen before conservatives figure it out? Or are they like Charlie Brown eternally kicking at the football only to have the Lucy's in the GOP pull the football away.

  12. The GOP has screwed us for the last time if this goes through. Good God, do those B+stards EVER listen? McConnell worked with Obama on "Good faith"???? Is he smoking crack? Why are WE the only ones who seem to know what the hell is going on and our representatives keep getting surprised when the Democrats screw them every single time?
    Back to the polls we go to clean out more RINO filth.

  13. @donttread2010

    We need more than a housecleaning, we need conservatives who, once elected, don't submit to the establishment. What happened to Michelle Bachmann? Why didn't she fight for the Republican Conference Chair? And why is the guy she surrendered to, formerly conservative Jeb Hensarling, leading the effort to get the House to pass Porkulus II?

    We have plenty of tough-talking conservatives talking a good game but posturing is not fighting. Bachmann in particular seems good for nothing more than reciting bumper sticker quotes. She should be leading the fight IN the House but..... crickets. Same with Pence.

    We'll see soon about DeMint. I have more confidence in him than anyone else.