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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feminism Explained (She Said It, Not Me)

Thanks for this link to reader Robin, who writes "speaking from experience, it's right on."

This video is by the same author as the video in my prior post, The Left Is Always Right.

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  1. Haha. Kudos to the creator of the video.

  2. I'm beginning to look forward to these videos from Battlefield315.

  3. I've had that exact conversation.

  4. Excellent. As long as the 'feminist' movement cherry-picks issues, has abortion as their holy sacrament, and ignores the inhumane treatment of muslim women under sharia and other backwards social 'orders', they'll be just another liberal special interest group.


  5. Thank the feminine face of God that the suffrage and women's rights movements effected needed change for western women, requiring the commitment and agitation of both heroines and heroes-- thank you all!

    Since then, though, feminism has sought to defeminize women, discredit homemakers, and cheapen motherhood here, while subsuming itself in partisan politics here and supporting foreign women's submission to patriarchy "there" out of a twisted and self-sabotaging multiculti sensibility. Progressive western females have cast themselves as more owned, self-loathing and illogical than any of those supposed throwback misogynists could've smeared them as being.

    Um, no thanks, "sisters"?