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Monday, December 20, 2010

Read Our Lips - No Votes Until Tax Rates And The Budget Resolution Are Passed

Republicans in the Senate collectively agreed that there would be no votes on any legislation unless and until expiring marginal tax rates and the budget continuing resolution were passed.

That agreement held together through the passage of "tax deal" and the defeat of the Omnibus bill.

Then Republicans proceeded to allow votes on DADT, the DREAM Act, and other legislation.

But, there is no passage of a budget resolution, and there have been negotiations through the weekend as numerous news sources are reporting:
The spending measure is critical since the current short-term law expires Tuesday, and Congress cannot adjourn without making some provision for keeping the federal government running for the next few months. Senate leaders had been in talks over the bill since a huge spending package collapsed last week, but they were unable to come to an agreement that could move through the Congress without opposition.
It looks like a deal to extend funding through early March will pass this week, but it has not passed yet. 

Republicans need to start meaning what they say.  When Republicans say no votes until tax rates and the budget resolution are passed, that means no votes until tax rates and the budget resolution are passed.

No more "read my lips" moments, please.

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  1. For all its posturing following the election, the leadership has not yet had its 'come to Jesus' moment. This past primary season scared them, but not quite enough. The TEA Party taking several new scalps off old bulls this next time around is what's going to do it. Luger, Hatch, Hutchison, etc. Conservatives in their states should already be evaluating challengers and building campaign structures.

  2. It's all kabuki. Juan McCain and Eft Gingrich taking turns appearing on Hannity to call on the Tea Party to "melt the phones" over the omniporkulus bill while Paul Ryan was fighting hard for the House to pass the Bush tax cut compromise bill. It's to surreal to be credible. These guys haven't changed. They are still the same weasels committed to the same one-world-without-borders agenda as their mother ship party, the Democrats.

    Just wait and see how similar to Obamacare the GOP replacement bill will be for instance. And "spending cuts" won't involve reducing spending but rather the old cynical cutting planned increases of spending.

    We need a second party.

  3. "Republicans need to start meaning what they say. When Republicans say no votes until tax rates and the budget resolution are passed, that means no votes until tax rates and the budget resolution are passed."

    I am still fuming about the "unanimous" vote last night - at 11:30 pm on the Sunday before Christmas! - for the Food Act. Controlling the growing of foods is unConstitutional, from all I can discern. The rest of the bill is just as egregious, IMHO. FAIL, Republicans! You blew it, again! As Ed at HotAir said, "Chalk one up for the Senate Republicans in the category of 'snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.'" Disgusting.

    Read OUR lips, Repubs - we will NOT forget. Can you hear me/us now?! Stand your ground, stand against this Marxist lame-duck ramrodding, or YOU will be on the other end of the ramming, come election time.

  4. @ DinoRightMarie:

    I don't know if you noticed but the big news on Drudge is the various reports about how governments are cracking down on the web, including ours.

    While many among us have been indulging in personal outrage over Assange and the Wikileaks release of embarrassing but not particularly threatening classified government "secrets", we may be about to lose our main means of communicating and staying organized.

    Could it be that we are about to be shut down? Why not? It sure would go a long way to explain why these corrupt weasels continue to act with total disregard to public opinion regardless of elections. What if public opinion won't matter soon? Just sayin'. Sometimes the obvious is hard to see.

  5. DINORightMarie, you beat me to it, but that little late night diddy last night sent my rage level to eleventy.

  6. Some of us are make notes about who voted for what, and we are making plans for the next election opportunity.

    Eventually they will get the message, or we will all be dead.