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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The License Plate Would Have Been Enough

Taken by a reader in a Wal-Mart shopping center in Winchester, VA, in late October.  Prompting this responsive letter:
Dear Driver,

We get it, you're not a fan.


The White House

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  1. Isn't the driver the same as Obama, he's blinded in driving his vehicle by his ideology?

  2. Bumper Sticker Prophecies: All of which have come true!

    Merry Christmas Professor. Hope your holiday is a happy one. :)

  3. Tough to pick a favorite, but I especially like the 1-20-13 sticker - the BDS-suffering loonies' "clever" idea thrown right back at 'em! Reminds me, too, to keep fighting and not lose hope.

    Have a wonderful holiday - rest and relax. :)

  4. Wild and passionate in a strict way, and certainly dangerous... Visibility matters.

  5. Rare but not unheard of, in that it's a right winger exhibiting his viewpoint all over. Is that amount of material on a rear view window legal in Virginia?

  6. Thanks for the new wallpaper, Professor! :-D

  7. so wait... does he like the President or not?

    Of course what will he do when they create the "don't tread on me" plates here in virgnia?

  8. I like how the "McCain" portion of the "McCain-Palin" sticker is covered up.

  9. I love Virginia! Especially Winchester! Great little town.

    Thanks, Professor. A ray of sunshine this morning as I read the news from the lame duck session.

  10. That's one brave soul...of course I would be offering my thumb's up as I sped by.

    That said, what are the people thinking that still have Obama/Biden stickers on their cars? Have they just been released from comas?