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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hugo Plays the Race Card

Speroforum.com is reporting that Hugo Chavez "affirmed on national television on November 30 that Secretary of State Hillary "Clinton feels superior to Obama because she is white...she ought to resign." According to the red-shirted Latin leader, revelations of US foreign policy provided by WikiLeaks has left the American empire "naked." "It has fallen, whatever was left, something of a mask."" I guess Chavez knows a thing or two about failing states, huh?

That assertion - paired with Chavez's congratulations to Julian Assange - made me awfully uncomfortable. Admittedly, though, I enjoy Hugo's commentary on American politics from time to time.


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1 comment:

  1. This could be a problem for Hillary, since Hugo's race and "less developed country" cards trump her gender and Satan USA ones, but she probably had the foresight to get biometric proof of his junk food and *coke* habit along with digital pix of any tu-tus in his closet.

    Still, probably everybody has Polaroids of Bill and whoever. What a fun game pitting PC grievances and dirty diplomacy!